Small win - feels like I’m on the right path

Hey ya’ll,

I called Dr. Cognetti’s office this morning about my neck mass near my styloid area, as well as my possible ES and his assistant was just amazing. She got me in the same week as my appointment with Annino so I can fly from one appointment to the other, and she really brought me a lot of hope and comfort in saying he has a ton of expertise and experience with both benign and cancerous neck masses and tissue problems and can remove just about anything. I feel like I’m on the right path and just wanted to share, especially after having 4-5 doctors in Texas feel what’s happening in my neck and not know what’s going on. I’m hopeful!


That’s really great news! I know Dr. Cognetti will do virtual initial consults, however, I personally think, in-person consults are better. I’ve had some bad experiences w/ link up issues in virtual calls so they ended up being phone calls instead. Definitely not as good as being able to look the doctor in the eyes when (s)he is talking to you about cutting your neck open. :wink:


So pleased that you found Dr Cognetti’s office helpful, several of the experienced doctors seem to be having ‘office issues’ so that’s good to hear! Glad that you’ve been reassured about the other neck lump & that your appts can be close together. When do you see both doctors, is it soon?

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Thanks so much @Jules ans @Isaiah_40_31 ! I see them both the week of February 12th. The tissue mass or whatever it is in my neck made the doctors want to eval me in person, which is fair! I’m curious to know if the mass is ES related or not. But at this point, I just want the tissue/mass/muscle/whatever it is out along with the styloid lol.


Hi Etherealcataclysms,

If you don’t get answers, try Dr. Ryan Osborne in California. He treats ALL KINDS of neck issues, but I don’t now if he takes insurance for all of them. I know he DOES NOT take insurance for Eagle’s Syndrome surgery. He does do VIRTUAL appointments, and I believe it is $250. The name of his institute is: The Osborne Head and Neck Specialty Group in Los Angeles.

Wendy - Would Dr. Constantino, in NY, be able to help Etherealcataclysms?

Hi, thank you! I definitely have to stick with insurance, although I’ve heard Osborne is amazing. Cognetti’s scheduler seemed to think he would be able to help treat my neck tissue/growth/whatever it is that is happening there. I did try calling Costantino, but his office has yet to contact me back regarding scheduling. I read somewhere that he didn’t seem interested in non vascular cases, but I know that doesn’t mean that’s necessarily true.


@GodisAWESOME - It looks like she’s reached out to his office. :blush: