So frustrated

For a little background without TMI, I have had my symptoms of pain in the left side tonsil area, pain and muscle spasms left side root of tongue, sore under left mandible, sore and pain in the indentation under earlobe, spasms in digastric muscle (posterior), fishbone feeling in left side of throat, sternocleidomastoid muscle hypertonic and twice the size of the muscle on the right side, left side earache, fullness and tinnitus, headache, sometimes pain in the temporalis, all made worse when turning my head to the left ; for the past 14 years. The pain is always there, but varies in intensity and moves around. Early on I had pain in the back two teeth bottom left side. I had them both pulled, but nothing changed. The Oral Surgeon showed me the panoramic x-ray and pointed out the long styloid process and said I likely had Eagle's Syndrome and sent me to an ENT who said it wasn't Eagle's syndrome because he couldn't feel the bone in my tonsil (no images were taken). Since then, I have been to more ENT's, neurologists, Drs of Physical Medicine, physical therapists, dentists for TMJD, etc. No change. Last week I went to an ENT with the request to do a CT scan to see if my left styloid process was elongated or the ligaments were calcified. He ordered a CT Scan. Today I went back to the ENT to discuss the results of the CTScan. The scan was a 3mm axial scan. The Dr. put the disc on the computer for a 3D reconstruction. The scan was not fine enough. It should have been a 1 or 2mm axial scan to get enough detail. The styloid process was visible on the right side, but not on the left. The styloid process on the right is calcified to the hyoid bone, but I have no symptoms on that side. I don't want to have another CTScan because I have had so many (several of head a neck, but never looking for Eagle's), I am putting myself in danger of cancer from too much radiation. The doctor said he would do a regular lateral view x-ray--much less radiation than CTScan. I am so frustrated--don't know if the poor scan was the fault of the doctor for not being more specific about what he wanted to see or what scan resolution to use or if it was the radiation dept. I don't know what to do next. I am so tired of the pain. I told the Dr. I would get back with him after Christmas. I think perhaps this has been TMI (too much information). Thanks for reading.