Sound familiar?

Hi! I am so relieved to hear your neurologist is forward thinking with all of this for you. Just saw your comment about a potential Pledget study. Do you have the clear fluid from your nose at least once a day or every other day? If so it may be worth having the test. If you do not have fluid this often it might not.

My experience with that study is that it lasts for 3 full days with nuclear med imaging every day and the they remove the pledgets to be sent to lab. The imaging scans your entire torso (and head) to catch any CSF that you may be swallowed your throat vs coming out of your nose. Not sure what the test protocol is where you are.

If you do chose to go this route be sure to spend lots of time doing things that will provoke the fluid from your nose. It is a bit of a rough go but can be worth it if you and your neurologist agree you are a good candidate. The pledget study is the gold standard for best isolating a skull base CSF leak if it can not be visualized with in office scope by your ENT or by CT imaging for the sinus to identify bone thinning/loss. :purple_heart: