Stomach Issues

Hi everyone. So i have fully calcified vascular bilateral eagles symptoms. I had right side removed with cognetti. Going in next week for left side removed. I have had severe ibs symptoms since eagles started. I have had numerous tests- bloodwork, stool, colonoscopy. They cant find anything. Has anyone actually had stomach issues from eagles? And has it resolved with surgery? I see GI issues are a symptom but i cant find anyone to talk to who actually has this issue. Please lmk. Thank you! Im very nervous for my next surgery! :pray:t2::purple_heart:

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Hi cupcake, so sorry you are having those symptoms. Can you describe what your experiencing? Are you taking any medication, as I know that causes me some problems.

Will be thinking of you going into your next surgery and sending you all my blessings.

Has your pain and other symptoms settled down since your first surgery?

Wanted to reach out to you when you first posted on your site as I had a similar experience leading up to the onset of my ES and felt exactly how you described. You’re not alone, I feel for you and hope all goes well for you with your next surgery. :slight_smile:️:pray:

Hi! Thanks for reaching out! Have u had eagles surgery as of yet? Thank u for the well wishes, im praying surgery can fix us! My stomach issues started almost 2 yrs ago same time eagles issues began. Gas, stomach cramps, stomach bubbling, loose stools. The only time i have good stools and none of those issues is when im on antibiotics. And the probiotics help greatly. When i stop them im in such severe pain from stomach cramps i cant move. I am not on any meds at all only probiotic. Which ive tried to stop a few times and like i said…severe pain. This never used to happen before eagkes. I used to be able to stop probiotics with no issues or symptoms. I read that ibs symptoms can come from over growth of bacteria which is caused by digestion system slowing down. Which im hoping is caused by eagles and will get better with surgery. The first eagles surgery has helped me greatly. I was in so much pain the car ride there to PA- 3.5 hours was almost unbearable. I was in tears. I felt like i would die before i made it there. I am so much better since. No migranes!!! No eye pain. Etc!! Left side is still bothering me. Best of luck to u as well. I hope we can all get better! :purple_heart::pray:t2: Also i have vascular eagles. The jugular vein in my neck are being compressed.

Hi Cupcake5,

ABSOLUTELY ES can cause the symptoms you have. As I’m sure you’ve read at some point, the vegus nerve is often impacted by elongated styloids or calcified ligaments & it plays a major role in your digestive function. There’s a really good chance that you’ll notice a positive change in your intestinal symptoms (i.e. they’ll go away) after your surgery next week. It may take a little time for symptoms to fully disappear if the nerve has been irritated for 2 years. Many people have had strange GI troubles that have resolved w/ the removal of their styloids & ligaments. Callove & julianeagle are two more recent members that come to mind. You could try reaching out to them or search their names & read their posts on the forum. julianeagle has posted her surgical recovery weekly & very thoroughly over the last 6 weeks or so. If you haven’t read her posts, do. They’re very encouraging.

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Hi wendy!!! Thanks so much for writing again!! I read that about the vagus as u told me i just havent found anyone to talk to whove actually had those issues! So glad to hear u know of people who have. I was doing better for 2 weeks after colonoscopy. As i was also taking antibiotics for eye stye. I think the antibiotics is what helped my stomach. I read IBS symptoms can come from over growth of bacteria in intestines which is caused by nerve issues slowing down the gi track. So thats why probiotic and antibitoics help me. But im hoping this is being caused by eagles and will be fixed with surgery. I have surgery next week with cognetti. Leaving wed for PA and surgery on friday. Ill let u know how i make out. Stay well. Thank u again for everything xoxox :purple_heart::pray:t2: I just get so nervous :confounded:

Hi Cupcake5
I have had IBS (what the GI doc said) issues for MANY years. Back in my younger days 20s, 30s & some 40s had “attacks” almost every time I ate a meal out. Quite embarrassing when you are younger and running for the toilet. I would go from everything being kind of ok to OMG - clear the runway. I always crossed my fingers and hoped for the best, but more often than not it was a situation. First the rumbling and rolling and percolating and then the cramping & explosion! Now days, it doesn’t happen as often - partly because I am pretty picky about what I eat when we are dining out. Now I have much more intense issues only every 3 or 4 months and it’s all I can do to get through it. On one occasion about 8 or 9 months ago my husband called 911 for an ambulance. I felt as though I was having a bit more than a stomach issue. It starts up with the rumbling, bloating, cramping. It progresses into cold sweat, nausea, tingling and numbness - usually just my arms (the 911 time, I felt a tingling flush start at my feet and work it’s way up to my chest). The cramping is overwhelming and I feel like I will loose conscientiousness at any moment. At the same time my head is pounding and my tinitus is raging. They weren’t able to find anything wrong (and I had a whole bunch of those little heart things glued to me) once I arrived to the hospital via ambulance other than my blood pressure being elevated. I now have regular blood pressure spikes along with headaches that can last for several days. I have always run along the low side with my blood pressure so the spikes are of concern and I sure hope I find someone to rid me of this nasty syndrome and the “IBS” goes with it. So, that was probably more than any of you needed to know, but I wanted to describe it the way it actually happens. I don’t know how long I have had ES but I suspect more than 20 years, probably more like 30+! I see Dr. Chan-Leveno in Dallas, TX next week for my initial consult!
P.S. I have found the best supplement for me that seems to help a bit is a multi-mineral capsule with chelates!

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Hi Cupcake5!

If your IBS symptoms do happen to continue when you’re a couple of months past your surgery, you can get tested for SIBO - Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth. I know for sure naturopathic & functional medicine doctors will do that testing but hopefully your primary care doc would be willing so you don’t have to add another doc to your list. SIBO is treatable & curable by just the methods you noticed helped you before - antibiotics (but specific ones) & probiotics/prebiotics. Here’s hoping & praying you are cured by your ES surgery though!


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Thank u all for advice!!! @kiZe6159 have u had a colonoscopy? Wondering what they had said. Good luck with ur consultation!! Let me know how it goes. Prayers and hugs!! :pray:t2::purple_heart:. And wendy yes i feel like thats whats going on the small bacteria over growth. But i feel like it keeps coming back bc something is causing it…like u said hopefully eagles surgery will help! Im praying! Xoxox

I also have stomach issues, haven’t had a regular bowel movement in almost 3 months. I have to run to the bathroom even if it ends up just passing gas because I never know anymore. It’s so frustrating especially at work.

Hi peggie! I am sorry ur having these issues as well. Did u have eagles surgery yet? Or are you going to have surgery?

I have not had surgery, I can’t find a dr to do the surgery

Ugh dont give up! I went thro tons of drs and spent tons of money. I am traveling to dr cognetti whos helping me. It seems like most people have to travel. Awareness needs to be raised for eagle syndrome.

Morning Cupcake5
I have had 2 normal colonoscopies - one at 40 and one at 55. My husband is regular like crazy…at least twice per day. He finally had his first colonoscopy last year and several polyps were found and removed. He now has to have one every 3 years!!!
As an addition to my post yesterday…my GI doc recommended FIBER supplements after the ambulance trip to emergency but I did not find it to help at all. The mineral caps with chelates makes a huge difference for me.

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Peggiew4 - I’m sorry you’re still struggling w/ your symptoms. Sounds like most of them would go away if you could have ES surgery. Are you in eastern, mid, or western US? There are good doctors in all 3 sections but as Cupcake5 said, you may need to travel. It’s sooooo worth it though!

Hey kize6159, I just read your response to Cupcake5 and I am so sorry both of you have these severe stomach issues. It’s not as if ES itself is not enough! I never experienced stomach issues. Just a poking in the back of my throat and that was enough to live Hell on Earth! Right now, I have been having some sensation on my left side, under my tongue for the past week. I did call OU Physicians and was able to make an appointment with Dr. Krempl. Since I had not seen him since 2009, I am now considered a “new” patient and I have to get in line like the rest…I hope that I am not going back to that misery I suffered for 17yrs. before he diagnosed me back in 2004. Right now I am also dealing with my left side upper molars that are causing me trouble and pain. Went to the dentist on Wednesday and he said I am grinding them down to nothing. Stress from ES and just life, no wonder. Anyway, I will be having a good talk with him about attitude and I will educate him about bedside manners. I am dead serious because those of us who have ES, we suffer allot and we need physicians that do not dismiss what we are going through. I am glad that you will be going down to Dallas to see this other doctor. Pursue your healing. Let me know how your appointment goes. Praying for your healing. Hugs and Blessings

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Shalom Cupcake5, Sorry you are having severe stomach issues. I never had those kinds of issues. I just had poking under my tongue and a feeling of something in my throat. I was told when I had my surgery that, this could come back. Right now, I am sort of nervous about that. I could not get an appt. till Jan with Dr. Greg Krempl from OU Physicians. I am now considered a “new” patient because I haven’t seen him since 2009. kiZe6159 saw him, not too long ago and, it didn’t work out with him so, now she will be seeing another doctor in Dallas. Dr. Krempl diagnosed me in 2004 after 17 yrs. in Houston, TX. and at that time I was just going in circles with doctors and no diagnosis. I had the surgery intraoral on both sides at the same time…THAT was hell on earth for me. I survived though…I hope that you find some relief with this next surgery. Keep us posted because we all need to be encouraged.

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Hi Peggiew4 - are you in the US? I am seeing a doctor in Dallas, TX this Thursday who actually mentions ES as one of her interests on her webpage. She is at UT Southwestern Research Hospital and her name is Dr. Chan-Leveno. I will be be posting a report about my visit soon after we get back.

I am in Northern Alabama. We had a dr here but he left for Arkansas to work

Hi yes I to recently had been diagnosed with the same IBS I have es since 2014 in July I woke up with sever vertigo as well Drs can not find any reason for my stomach issues either just gave me another medication. I feel like I own a pharmacy all ready.


Funny that you posted today as I was just thinking about you! Did you ever have ES surgery? I know you were scheduled but it didn’t happen. How are your children who were diagnosed w/ ES doing?

The vagus nerve is one of the cranial nerves that gets irritated by elongated styloids. One of it’s functions is gastrointestinal stimulation (as julianeagle just pointed out). MANY people w/ ES suffer from severe gastrointestinal problems, but once their styloids are removed, those problems go away. If you haven’t had your surgery(ies) yet, you should look into rescheduling. Having your styloids removed will help so many things that are making you uncomfortable.

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