Styloidectomy surgery coming up. Need help with information on post surgery symptoms

@Tikimon, It seems everyone is a bit different in how their bodies respond to surgery. Pain & swelling seem to be a bit different for everyone. Since it’s unpredictable, I think surgeons stay away from mentioning possible post op issues. We have found that too many of them underestimate healing time & tell their patients they’ll be fine in 2 weeks. From years of testimony here, we know that 2-12+ months is the reality. Very few of our members have felt perfect after 2 mos, but there is an occasional fast healer here.

I can’t believe you’re driving yourself home 2 days after surgery. Since driving while taking narcotic pain meds is out, you’ll need to ask what you can take on your driving day. Also make sure to have your ice packs frozen. Hopefully you have an ice chest w/ you to keep them cold as you go. I imagine you’ll be needing to stop a bit on your way home so the trip may take longer. Taking a rest or even a nap every couple of hours during your drive will help you to get home safely. :pray: