Surgery advice - have I missed anything?

So remarkably @Dontgiveup, who I’ve been chatting to on this site, and I are booked in for surgery next Thursday 17th - the same day and both in the afternoon at the same hospital!

@Dontgiveup has also pointed out it’s St Patrick’s day and our surgeon is called Patrick so hopefully that all bodes well :grinning:

So I’ve ordered Readybrek, ice-cream, smoothies, yoghurt, bananas for mashing & some chocolate buttons to melt in my porridge for a treat.
I’m going to try and cook some minced beef so I can have cottage pie; my husband can use the microwave & he also does a mean scrambled egg so I won’t starve.
I’ve already got some ice packs and my wedge cushion which I’m trying to get used to.
I’ve got extra pet food ordered so my pets don’t starve whilst I’m not around.
I’ve even sorted Mother’s Day (27th in UK) in case I’m not up to it.

Have I missed anything?

Are there exercises that help scar tissue?

I’ll be very relieved when they’re wheeling me in. Thanks in advance for advice. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s brilliant news! I’ll be praying for you both…Great to be going through it together, I hope that you do end up on the same ward overnight to support each other :hugs:
Sounds like you’re well prepared- I didn’t need too much pain relief, but should you need more when you get home a gentle laxative might be handy! Someone suggested on here dry shampoo as where Mr Axon does the incision (behind the ear) hair washing can be awkward to avoid getting it wet.
Once the incision has healed over a gentle massage with oil like Bio oil can help; because it’s mainly behind the ear I don’t think there’s exercise you can do for that. I did do some very gentle stretches like chin tucks & turning my head to the side- both done laying down & not sitting- to keep the muscles from getting tight.
I can’t think of anything else, you’re very organised!

Thanks Jules that’s great advice. I already have some bio oil and dry shampoo somewhere so I’ll dig those out and I’ll definitely order some laxative. Thanks for all your support.

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So just to check where abouts is the incision then with Mr Axon?

Behind the ear, a bit above where the ear lobe is, & it goes down along a crease in the neck to just behind the jaw, it’s only about 1.5". Mr Axon uses a big pressure bandage on your head, which I wasn’t expecting, felt a bit drastic! And the drain will be in overnight which was pretty uncomfortable, just to prepare you but I think I’ve mentioned it before.

Oh that’s good news - I thought it was on the neck looking at other photos. Thanks

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I’ve found a pic! Wasn’t sure where it was…this was taken a couple of days afterwards!


Oh wow thanks Jules. That looks very neat, especially for a couple of days.

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@Jules wow, your incision looks quite small! what does your scar look like now?

@DogLover & @Dontgiveup, I wish you both a successful operation and quick recovery. March 17th happens to be the date I come back to Canada as I am currently outside the country on Family vacation.

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@Jules perhaps ear incision is perfected way to remove the Styloid at the skull base. I wonder why many doctors are not doing it at that level. Majority of surgeries I see in here are in the middle of the neck with exception of Dr Hackman. Could be why you felt immediate relief of symptoms. Also this type of operation might not cause too much swelling along the IJV afterwards as it is higher up, close to the skull base.

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Yes I agree and I’ve wondered just that too - it seems the obvious place to do the incision as a lay person.

Do you have a date for your surgery yet? Also are you having transverse process shaved.

Hope you are managing to enjoy your holiday. :slight_smile:

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@DogLover i do not have a date yet as I told them that I won’t be back to the country until march 17th. I think they might give me the date when I come back.

Nope, I am not getting the C1 shaving either, just Styloid removal on the left side.

As far as the vacation goes, it is not really a vacation per se, we are visiting family members in the Middle East, but at the same time trying treat it as one. Weather does help as it is mid 20 degree Celsius here. Kids and wife appear to be enjoying it most though I am managing it just ok with ES symptoms. I try not to be held prisoner by ES.


Good for you. It’s still hard though I bet. It’s worth the effort just to watch your kids I’m sure. Keep us posted with your date and I will certainly post how my surgery goes.


Can’t see it at all, but because the skin is quite tight behind your ear I do feel it a bit from time to time, so still massage it with oil.
@KoolDude I think Mr Axon has refined his technique so he doesn’t cut any muscles which some doctors do, so that makes it less painful & less swelling (in addition he does use a drain overnight), but M_UK had surgery with him & still experienced symptoms post surgery, so don’t know about that…


@DogLover will definitely keep you posted when I get the firm date. Yeah, if my kids are happy, that is enough.

@Jules i think it is different when they drill/shave the C1 transverse process. The had to cut muscle tissue that uses the C1 as an anchor in order to access it so that they can shave it if I remember it well. So in theory, it is much deeper surgery than Styloid removal alone hence long recovery. I think that was the case with M_UK if I recall it correctly. I assume the less muscle involvement the quicker the recovery with the least amount of swelling. The problem is the muscle healing takes time and swells after the surgery and collapses the thin wall of the Jugular Vein exasperating IIH symptoms. This is my assumption regarding the lengthy period for symptoms relief after surgery.


I LOVE your attitude of not letting (or trying not to let) ES symptoms hold you captive! I’m sure the warm weather where you are vs the freezing cold Canadian weather is making a big difference even if only in frame of mind. Warm sunshine is very healing in so many ways! :sun_with_face::bouquet::lady_beetle:

Has anyone heard from @M_UK lately?..

He seems to have disappeared suddenly, after the last post mid December

I’m still here. Unfortunately 3 months post op I still have not experienced any significant gains from the surgery. The next step is to have another CTV to see how things look but the wheels move very slowly with the NHS…

Oh man, so sorry to hear that… I know everyone here expects immediate relief and only some of us have it… Hopefully, things will turn right for you soon too, given that one of the impingement causes is gone now.
Besides the surgery, did the docs investigate any other less common causes like vertebral artery impingement, thoracic outlet syndrome, herniated discs?..