Surgery date soon

Hi Everyone! I will be having my first external surgery January 22 and I am very Nervous. I was wondering why my doctor suggest removing the styloid bone and ligaments at different times. Wish I could get both done at one time.

Have I understood right- do you mean that he’s only going to do one side at a time, or just remove the styloid process in one op & then go back in another time to remove the ligament? If it’s the second, that sounds weird! I’ve never heard of that beofre- while they’re operating in that area it makes sense to take the styloid process and the ligament out together, as they’d have to strip the ligament from the process anyway! If I’ve understood right, that would mean two operations in the same place, 2 lots of scar tissue, 2 lots of recoveries… the benefits of having external surgery is that there’s much better visualisation of the area when the surgeon is in, & it’s usually easier to remove more of the process & ligament, not less!
If I haven’t misunderstood, then I would definitely query why they’re doing surgery that way, & think twice about it. I know that it’s only a week away, but you don’t need more surgeries than you need to have.
If it is that they’re only doing one side at a time, then that’s quite common, as there can be quite alot of swelling, & recovery can be difficult.
Best wishes, Jules

Congrats! Who is doing your surgery? I will be having mine on Jan 29th and also external

Congrats. …who is doing the surgery

Hi Jules it will be one side at a time. How long was your recovery time for your first side? I really nervous about the surgery. The doctor said my left side ligament is bigger than my Jaw bone.


My Surgery will be done at the Cleveland Clinic by Dr. Lamer. Keep me informed about your surgery. We should be recovering around the same time. Good luck to you as well.

External is almost always one at a time. I was told “much too dangerous with all the nerves and vascular structures” in addition to all the swelling and pain…as explained above.
I would think being rolled over would cause more swelling on that first surgical site not to mention you will have the drainage tube stuck in. I can’t imagine recovery with two drainage tubes😩
Hoping to hear an update soon! It’s been over a week now.
Recovery for me was two day hospital, two week still pretty harsh (took my own stitches out day ten I believe)… Then months for nerves to get back into working order. I still have a crooked smile but nothing obvious to others. Worth it.
I’d say a month for the worst stuff for me. Less or more for others.

Well it’s finally here…My surgery is tomorrow March 6th at 8:45​:grimacing:they’ll be going through my neck in the left side.I’m so thankful to have a Dr that will and can help me.Dr.Chan Leveno at UT Southwestern in Dallas.She treats Eagles Syndrome and has done 15-20 styloidectomys.I’ll keep you posted guys.Goodnight​:grimacing::pray:t2::crossed_fingers:

Hope all goes well! When you’re up to it let us know how you are… thinking of you & God Bless :hugs: :bouquet:

Hi Good Luck. We will be praying for you. Please keep us posted. :pray:

The surgery went well :heart::+1:t2: I already feel so much more energy and relief !!!I’ll have my life back before we know it :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2::grinning:I’ll write more when I can :+1:t2:

Glad to hear your surgery was a success. Get plenty of rest. :bouquet::heart:. Keep us posted with your recovery process​:pray::heart::heart:.

Great news, Andrea! Make sure you take it easy & don’t rush to do too much too soon! Thanks for letting us know :bouquet: :hugs:

:heart:️thank you,I’m so thankful to have had a Doctor that has treated Eagles before and knew what she was doing.You wouldn’t believe how much energy I have already just from all the relief from the pressure and pain. making myself stay in bed and rest. Dr.Chan Leveno in Dallas at Ut Southwestern is amazing!!,I’ll keep everyone posted as I can.ttyl :heart:

@Newmadison1 Hi! How was your surgery? How was your experience with Dr. Lamer?

Hi. Thanks so much for asking. I had both sides done by Dr. Lamarre. He is WONDERFUL!! No pain no visible Scars. One of the best surgeons on the planet!! I am pain free after many years. He listens and very concerned about his patients. I had a crooked smile that is straight now. I never knew why it was off. Dr. Lamarre is one of god’s gifts.


So glad to hear your good news, Newmadison1! It’s also great to have input about another ES surgeon who does quality work!


Hi!! I live in Florida and I see you got your surgery done in Florida at the Cleveland clinic. Did you end up having to get two surgeries at two different times or was he able to do both? My mom is haven’t really bad pain in her neck on the right side. They think it’s pushint on her neck muscle. I am trying to find an experienced doctor and I see you have good feedback from dr. Lamar. If you have any other information I would love to share it with my mom. Thank you. Hope you are feeling better!

Hi Annadee, sorry to hear that your mom is in so much pain. Dr. Lamarre is at the Cleveland clinic in Cleveland Ohio. He did my first Surgery January 22nd and my second surgery April 11th. The pain has gone completely! We had to wait a few months for the swelling to go down first. My cause of Eagle Syndrome was supposedly one the most profound causes. I was in pain for many years and excepted what the doctors told me which was… a ton of other diagnoses like fibromyalgia. Tell your mom hang in there and email me anytime.

Hello I am hoping you are still active on this board. I was just diagnosed with eagles with elongated styloids only by Dr Lamarre from Cleveland Clinic. How are you doing with eagles and did you have any complications with surgery? The way he did it, did it ever come back? He did external correct? Thanks so much.