Surgery Didn't Help

I had a hyostyloid excision 2.5 months ago. The next night
my surgeon came in and said, “I could see while I was in
there that it wasn’t going to help you.” That is basically the
same thing my MVD surgeon did and said.
I’m on oxcarbazepine which keeps me almost sane. It
keeps the pain down to a dull roar and I’ve almost learned
to handle the side effects. So, it wasn’t eagle S. I’ll not be
on here any more as I look for the answer to my issue.
Thanks for your support.


I’m so sorry to hear surgery didn’t help. Did the surgeon mention what he thought was causing the GPN? I hope he gave you some other direction to seek help.

There is a Ben’s Friends Facial Pain group. Doing some reading there might be very helpful:

I’ll keep you in mind & prayer & hope you find a better long-term solution than nerve pain meds, but in the meantime, I’m glad they’re helping.


So sorry that surgery hasn’t helped you, that it wasn’t the answer to your pain…I’m not sure why the surgeon felt that surgery wouldn’t help, did he see that no nerves were near the styloid? As Isaiah says, I’m glad that the meds do help take the edge off it, and I hope that you do find an answer. Will pray & thinking of you…