Surgery in Bonn, Germany

Bonjour jteleila,

Good that you found this nice forum. I’m sorry to read about your medical issues.
As it seems there are no doctors known in France here who would treat ES. EDIT: Maybe the doctor in Toulouse mentioned here is an option:

Recently I talked to a girl from Spain and she mentioned that there was one good doctor for ES in Spain. Unfortunately this doctor may have died in a car accident.

Maybe inside EU is an option for you? (when you are thinking that ES is your problem)
The closest option would be Dr. Heim in Bonn, Germany from my point of view then. Unfortunately he isn’t really familiar with IJVS and CSF leaks. But he treats ES and also those impingements by removing the styloids to skull base as far as possible. Very recently @Eaglefatigue had her first surgery there with severe IJVS on both sides.

GB with Dr. Axon and Dr. Higgins may be another option, though they are not EU anymore.

I’m thinking one of the best doctors for this condition might be Dr. Hepworth and his team including vascular surgeons in Denver, CO, USA as I assess it from reading in this forum. That’s why I chose to see him next.

Hope that you will find sufficient help soon. :hugs: