GAUTHIER et al. (2018) - First-Bite syndrome and Eagle syndrome

from Toulouse, FRANCE

That’s interesting; I don’t remember anyone ever mentioning FBS before surgery. They also mention restricted mouth opening as an ES symptom which I don’t think anyone’s complained of before surgery either…
Thank you again!

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Yes indeed, Jules, never heard that too. But it is absolutely plausible to me.
In this context I read another abstract mentioning Carbamazepin as effective drug for FBS. But the article wasn’t open access.

Yes, I’ve read that nerve pain meds can work with FBS, but I guess usually it does resolve itself after surgery…

Just found him but he’s not in Toulouse anymore and I don’t know if he or the others listed as authors do surgery of this type. Will have to find someone who speaks French to call since i can’t find an email. I can’t speak enough French to make or understand phone calls yet.