Surgery is over

Took out part of the bone and ligament.

You look fantastic post op! So glad your surgery is done! Now the healing can begin. Please keep us posted as to how you’re feeling!

Wow, you look good! Hope that everything went smoothly & that you soon feel the benefits of the surgery. Take it easy! :bouquet: :hugs:

Rough night- had to take ipain meds every 4 hours. Feeling better this morning (hungry!!) Throat is sore on the side they operated on and difficulty opening my mouth. Anxious to take bandage off and see the incision.

I don’t think I slept at all the first night, couldn’t get comfortable with the bandage & drain in had… I couldn’t chew properly for a week or 2, lots of smoothies & soft foods. It will get better soon. Thinking of you :hugs:
Have you seen Michael’s posts? Nice to keep up with others who are going through it too…

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How do I find Michael?

That’s the link to his posts since he had surgery which was about a week ago.


Make sure to sleep w/ your head very elevated at night as it will help decrease swelling in your throat & neck which will in turn help w/ your pain. Taking your pain meds on a regular schedule including setting an alarm to wake up during the night is very important in pain management for the first 5-6 days. Days 3-5 is when the swelling will be the worst so don’t try changing the pain med schedule till after that.
Icing your neck will also help - 15 min. on & at least 45 min. off. Do this 3-5x during the day. Icing really helped me. Also make sure you’re taking a laxative/stool softener starting today if you aren’t already. Pain meds are very constipating (but I think we had this discussion earlier).

Thank you for your help!


Your incision looks GREAT! Take it easy, listen to & obey your body, & you will notice positive changes in no time!


That looks very neat! When it’s healed, it’s a good idea to get some oil- I use Bio oil- for scar tissue & massage it regularly to stop it tightening up.
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