Done with surgery

Thanks to everyone who supported me in getting this far. I’m out surgery, not feeling so hot so won’t post more yet. I’ll update soon.


Hi @one_day,
good to hear from you. I thought of you today. I wish you the best of healing - take it easy.

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Thank you for letting us know, one_day! Remember that today & tomorrow are the anesthesia “honeymoon” period & you may feel worse pain starting on Wed.-Fri. or Sat. Just keep up the ice, keep your head elevated, & take pain meds on schedule.

Sending you a gentle hug & hope for a quick recovery.


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Glad the surgery is done, will keep praying for yiu & hope you feel better soon🙏

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Glad you made it through OK and hope you continue to feel better! Here’s to quick and restful healing.


Had right side surgery Monday morning. I was told the procedure went well. If I was given additional details I don’t remember them. Right out of surgery I felt very unwell. I should note this was my first surgery and it really took a toll on me. I was so hoarse I could not speak the first day and was vomiting anything I tried to consume. This lasted until about 10 pm.

Yesterday was much better. Very little pain and I could eat and drink normally. Was able to take several short walks down the hotel hallway and bathe myself.

It’s day 3 for me. Pain wise I don’t have much. My neck and throat are sore and my jaw hurts on that side so I have to take small bites and chew carefully. Taking extra strength Tylenol every 6 hours just to stay ahead of it and I also have a prescription for prednisone.

Unfortunately I still have the poking pain at the back of my tongue. I would like to think it’s from swelling, but it’s the exact same pain I had pre-surgery. Same location and same sensation. I will be so upset if it doesn’t resolve. I still have dizziness and POTS symptoms but they seem to be less intense. It could be the steroids are helping with that so it’s too soon to tell. I no longer feel like the floor is moving under me or that I’m on an elevator. My pupils are the same size also. I’m praying that the residual foreign object sensation resolves soon as I hate to think I did this for nothing.

The nurse took photos of what was removed and I will post them here.

That’s a pretty big chunk of bone you had removed, one_day! So glad it’s outta there!!

As far as the tongue symptoms go, you had irritated nerves for awhile before being diagnosed w/ ES. It can take awhile for them to heal, even up to a year. I still am noticing nerve recovery 6.5 years after my first ES surgery. Recovery from ES surgery is a test of patience & trusting your body to heal over time. It’s rare that anyone has instant symptoms relief & those who do often find the symptoms that went away immediately still come back to visit from time to time over the months it takes for the nerves to heal.


Glad that you’re feeling better than you did the first day! As Isaiah says the nerves can take a while to heal, so don’t expect that sensation to go just yet…try to focus on the positives, if your pupils are back to normal & you’re not feeling so wobbly, that’s great! Good you don’t have too much pain either, & good idea to keep up with the Tylenol regularly. Hope that things keep improving :bouquet: :hugs: :hugs: :pray:


I am so glad to hear that the surgery went well and that you are feeling better today! It must feel amazing to not have the elevator sensation and to feel steady on the ground!! This gives me great hope that those symptoms could potentially resolve for me. I am so happy for you one_day! I can see how you are worried that the poking pain is still present. Just try and remind yourself that you have ES angels on here that have gone through the process and believe it is a nerve that will just take time to heal. I will be praying that the poking pain will slowly fade away until you no longer notice it anymore.


Good to hear you are out of surgery and are feeling better than the first day.
Try to be patient and see how your body does and things will slowly start to feel better.


So glad you are out of surgery! Those are big pieces of bone you have there! Wow!

When you have your 2nd side surgery, remember to tell them how sick & throwing up you were. They can do some adjustments on the anesthesia meds.

From what you are saying, it sounds like some of your symptoms have gone away. That is great! Just like others have said, it may take some time to heal the back of your tongue. If the styloid is removed on that side, it can no longer constantly irritate it like before. Now its time to heal.

Keep regular on the tylenol, even if you dont think you need it. & your prednisone for the swelling.

Keep updating! Can you take a photo of your incision?


How was your surgery?? I hope it went well. I have pain today all over the right side. Just a general feeling of being very inflamed. I still have my bandage as I was instructed to keep it on til Friday. Will post a pic when he takes it off.

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How are you? how was your surgery? Thinking of you :bouquet: :hugs: :pray:

Hi One-Day,
Been thinking of you. So glad you have the surgery behind you and are starting to feel a little better. I hope you heal up quickly! Good luck tomorrow when the bandage comes off. Hug to you!

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Your incision area looks great! Does icing the area seem to help the inflaming feeling?

Yes it does help. How are you feeling?

That’s good!

I’m doing ok. I posted on my thread - Severe Jugular Compression and surgery soon!

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I had my post op appointment this morning. I was told that he removed about 2.5 cm of bone (had to leave some to protect the facial nerve) and a lymph node. He said the picture of the round thing is the lymph node. He also removed the ligaments. Regarding my remaining issues that I had before surgery he says 2-4 weeks to see improvement. I’m trying to hard to believe that and to stay hopeful. I really want this to work.