Surgery on Monday with Dr. Hackman - If You Traveled for Surgery What Did You Bring?

My surgery day is Monday, March 18th and I’m having a bunch of feelings about it. I’m flying to Raliegh tomorrow and trying to get my house as much in order as possible. I’m feeling very positive about the pain in my ear and throat being gone, and I’m super hopeful that my vision will slowly return to normal, skeptical but still hopeful that my POTs is Eagle induced and I can see some improvement.

Still trying to decide recovery-wise if I should have both done at once or one at a time and see if there’s significant enough improvement with just one one. I’m sure I’ll feel confident with what Dr. Hackman suggests.

If you traveled, what did you bring? So far I’m packing:

  • airline neck pillow with hood attached
  • lidocaine patches

I thought about bringing ice packs but I the TSA rules seem like it might be a pain.

Any tips for flying back? I upgraded to first class and will be asking for a wheelchair to get through the airport if I need it.

Wish me luck guys!


It sounds like you’re prepared, so that’s good! I didn’t have to travel, so can’t comment on that, but there have been other discussions about it, here’s a link you might find helpful:
Surgery next week with Dr. Hackman - General - Living with Eagle
Sounds like you can get an ice pack filled on the plane from the bar, so that’s a thought!
Will be thinking of you on Monday & praying all goes well :hugs: :pray:


how did your surgery go? And how long are you staying in NC? I plan to remain in NC for 12 days following surgery.

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It went well. I only had one side done. I’ll do a full post once I’m back at the hotel or home depending on how I’m feeling.

I’m being discharged today and flying back home tomorrow morning.


Hope you’re recovering okay, have been thinking of you & praying for you :pray:

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Thanks Jules! I’ll be posting soon with my full experience but so far I’m doing really well.


I hope you’re already noticing some symptoms are reduced or gone, @ectocake! So glad to hear you’re doing well! :hugs: