Surgery scheduled next week

Hey everyone, I am supposed to be having an external R Styloidectomy next week with Dr. Lentsch in SC. Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone else has used Dr Lentsch?

(I saw some older posts but was wondering anyone recently?)

Welcome to our forum, @bloomin_onion! As far as I know we don’t have any members who’ve had ES surgery done by Dr. Lentsch recently. The good news is that past members gave him decent reviews, & he’s likely even more experienced w/ ES surgery now than he was when they saw him. I expect you’ll have excellent care.

Thank you @Isaiah_40_31! Here are some of the images. I was told I’ve definitely got IJV compression and symptoms of Vagus compression. Also it appears that I was born without a left IJV.



Your OkV compression is pretty significant. It also looks like you have bilateral styloid elongation. Crazy that your left IJV is missing but we’ve repeatedly heard from members w/ IJV compression that their surgeons say only one functional IJV is needed.

It looks like the transverse process of your right C-1 vertebra is also contributing to the IJV compression. In some cases, a surgeon will move the IJV slightly away from C-1 if necessary, & in others, a bit of the C-1 tp is shaved off to make more room for the IJV. Not many docs in the US do the bone shave, however. If all else fails, & the IJV won’t stay open, a stent can be placed in it to hold it open, but that is an invasive procedure & is a last resort.

@Isaiah_40_31 Yes it’s so crazy after seeing two of basically every specialized doctor (Neurologist, ENT, neurosurgeon, TMJ specialist, Dentist, Cardiologist, and more), 2 trips to the ER, multiple CTs & MRIs, and a long list of symptoms that align with this no one found it. It took me getting a PoTS diagnosis and then researching the causes of PoTS to find a guy in South America on Instagram who noticed my styloid after looking at my CTA scan in like 20 seconds.

(Also every doctor I saw, I pointed out exactly where I was hit and said something just didn’t feel right there)

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Good that you have a date for surgery, you should feel better with those styloids out! There’s lots of info about what to expect after surgery in the Newbies Guide Section if you need it, & the past discussions can be really useful too.
Will pray that your surgery is successful :pray:

Thank you!