Survey question

Curious about people’s experience with onset of symptoms. How rapidly did symptoms for you worsen? Based on the increase in speed for me I don’t think I can wait the month for a consult with someone who may or may not want to do a 3DCT. I am going to work diligently next week on getting in with someone else asap. It has progressed to liquid consumption being a real bummer.

@Benyon can pinpoint a laughing fit as probably cause of symptom development. What have other folks experienced? I believe the initial onset was due to trauma from injections in scalene muscles. But not sure of the recent intensive baloney. Could be dumb wacks on the back of the head (going up basement stairs, getting out of car hitting roof), or maybe even habit I developed of trying to stop the pain and displacement of TM joints during a yawn by NOT opening jaw wide. It felt really weird so I have stopped doing that. I’d rather it be a laughing fit…:grinning:

I had pretty a bad whiplash injury 20 years ago, that’s what I think could’ve started this whole thing. I’ve had ‘grumbling’ symptoms for quite a few years, but didn’t realise what it was- I thought it might have been wisdom teeth, and was to wimpy to go to have them out!! Then things got gradually worse to a point, when I was diagnosed with this, settled to easily bearable for a year, and then all of a sudden worsened and I got the vascular symptoms! Before I had my first op I was starting to feel really ill- things had deteriorated a lot. The only thing I can account for the symptoms getting suddenly worse was that I had neck trouble too and was diagnosed with a slipped disc c5-c6. I’d been doing loads of cycling before I got worse; I think it caused the disc problem, and also the strenuous exercise would’ve made the vascular symptoms a whole lot worse too. I had to give up the cycling obviously, but the symptoms continued worsening.
Research/ theories I’ve found show that changes in the neck can alter the position of the styloids, bringing them into contact with the nerves or blood vessels more, so I think that’s why the slipped disc problem seemed to bring on the vascular symptoms.
A lot of people do find that their symptoms suddenly worsen, or could settle for no apparent reason… I hope that you don’t have to wait too long.