Syndrome leading to stroke?

The syndrome that leads to stroke? What’s that syndrome? I have vertigo too among many other symptoms…

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Jul 16, 2012
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I am a 43 year old femail and was just diagnosed with Eagles Syndrome in April of this year. My first symptoms that we know are associated with the syndrome first occurred in January and February where I had a constant severe sore throat, painful swallowing and lost my voice for over 2 months. After all tests came back negative I told my doctor “I’m not a hypochrondriac” that’s when she told me about the extreme small possibility it could be Eagles Syndrome and we then had the xray that proved that it was. I have it on both sides. My Doctor was very straight forward with me and said that she has only done the surgery once about 10 years ago and wouldn’t be heartbroken if I chose to seek another physician at UCSD that may be more experienced…love my doctor for being so honest. But I may have another complication, back in Sept. 2011 I started having severe vertigo episodes which could possibly be associated with the syndrome which could lead to stroke, we are still doing tests to determine this. But up until this past weekend my symptoms were minimal and liveable…but Friday I came down with severe throat pain radiating to my jaw, face and ear, pain with extending my tongue, painful swallowing, couldn’t eat, trouble drinking and was on Vicodin all weekend…now I’m seriously considering the surgery. These are unliveable symptoms and I’m thankful for having a good doctor who actually would like to perform the surgery and I trust her. If you live in San Diego area you should see her.

ES can occasionally cause a stroke by blocking the carotid artery- but this is very, very rare. If you can find the ES info section there’s some info about it in there, with references and links to the studies.

What is her name?