I’m about two months post op. I have tenderness when I press on my neck, under my ear, right by my jaw bone. This is likely where the styloid was cut, so I’m sure there’s plenty of healing that happens in that area. How long were you tender there?

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Do you have First Bite Syndrome on that side @Ladybug? I’m asking because I had it severely on my right side & still have it occasionally there. I am still tender on the right side in the area you’ve mentioned, & I’m 8 yrs out from surgery. Just wondering if there’s a correlation between the tenderness & FBS. I would expect your tenderness to gradually go away over 6-9 mos post op.

I have found the tenderness doesn’t bother me if I don’t touch or rub it, but it is tender to the touch most days. It does vary though & is more tender some days & almost not at all on others. Kind of odd.

Yes, I do have fbs. Interesting to think if that might be related. The tenderness doesn’t bother me really as I only feel it when I’m poking at it. I’m just still at the stage where I’m analyzing every feeling a bit too much!

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There is a lymph node around there, could even be that you’re pressing on? I’m always tender around that area!

@Ladybug - trust me when I say that I did the very same thing - minute to minute, hour to hour assessments as I healed from my ES surgery. I wondered if there would ever be a day when I wouldn’t think about it. I’m happy to tell you that day does come. :blush:


@Ladybug - I too have recently had left side inter oral syloidectomy carried out (28th October 2022) - as the wound heals up internally, I’ve also started noting that the ear / jaw is very achy - I think this is a by product of the process - however, having said that, I did have the right side done back in 2016 and I am not sure if I recall it being tender back then - anyways, I think it is expected, but only time will tell -


Hi @amzi160586! Good to hear from you after so long! I expect that means your first ES surgery went well. I am sorry you’ve needed to get the other side done now but am glad your surgery is behind you. You’re very right about the pain/itchiness you’re feeling being a part of the healing process. Those sensations will pass as time goes by & others may crop up then go away as well. It’s all part of nerve healing.

Do you mind sharing who did your surgery i.e. was it someone on our Doctors List? If not, I will add your surgeon since you seem to have had good results.

I hope your healing continues in a direction that makes you pain & symptom free. Please keep us posted as you have time.



Thanks a lot - yeah I went offline after the first ES surgery back in 2016 (right side) - at this point in life, I never over thought the issue and took it for what it was.-

Having recently struggled out of no where with the left side, I revisited my consultant who did the needful and advised that the situation was similar in the left.

I cannot fault my consultant, I’m UK based (London) and my go to ENT is Dr. George Mochloulis - I’ve known him for about 7 years now and what a absolute legend (both in terms of personality and professional capabilities). Also, he only carries out the procedure inter oral which I believe is a plus point all around.

Recovery is going well so far, today marks day 7, so last day of the anti biotic, however I’m still taking painkillers (paracetamol and codeine) - I think the wound is healing up nicely, but still a few months away from reaping the real benefits of this procedure -

If anyone in the London area needs any advice relating to ES, given I have had both sides done, I’m happy to share my thoughts off line and also discuss my experience with Dr. Mochloulis -

I hope this helps people here to find a super reliable and professional consultant that is a veteran in ES surgery.

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Good that you had a successful first surgery, but a shame you need the other side done, I hope that will work as well! Great to know of another surgeon! Which hospital is he at in London? It would be good to add him to the list…


Dr. George Mochloulis practices out of the following:

One Hatfield Hospital
Pinehill Hospital

Both come under the Hertsfordshire area.


Thank you so much for the info @amzi160586. I’ve added Mr Mochloulis to our Doctors List. It’s so great to have another name to add. :blush: