Tinnitus and horrible pain increased from movent

Lying here and just moved my jaw a tiny tiny bit and pushed a little pressure on my ears canals with my fingers and the tinnitus and ear, toung, throat pain got so much worse from already catastrophic. I cannot even swallow or open my jaw or lay down without getting worse symptomes now.

These styloids are probably killing my ears completely with no turning back.

I wanna do surgery ASAP, i wish i had a doctor NOW to do it for me, but my doctors wont listen. Inalso would need help with my bad TMJD but i belive styloids need to be removed first, its never been this bad before. I only got worse from talking before. Not from swallowng or open my mouth.

These last weeks has been extremely bad, worse Day by Day.

Any advices of how I can release pressure on nerves/ears??


Sorry to hear you are struggling without doctors help you need. Which doctors have you seen so far? Have you had any imaging?

Have you (carefully) tried different head positions/lying in different positions (eg. prop up/supine etc) to see if can get slight relief. Best to avoid anything you know makes your pain/symptoms worse until get more help. D

Do you have access to a cranial sacral therapist? I found my styloid when I was in an acute pain situation as well. I went to my massage therapist and explained my pain (at that time I had never heard the word styloid)… I wasn’t even sure I could lay flat for her to work on me. We figured it out and I did lay flat with the back of my head supported.

She put her hands beside my eyes on the temple bone. She said let me know if you feel anything. She very gently applied pressure to the temple bone one side and then the other… in a very gentle rocking (barely touching me) fashion. I immediately settled down and said ‘what did you just do?’. My pain settled. She said I just moved your styloid bone.

So in my case, she moved it away from whatever it was irritating. It wasn’t a permanent fix as the area was inflamed and the pain would start again, but it lessened and then I knew what I needed to investigate.

There is a possibility it could move on one side or the other to cause something else to get impinged… So I say this all with caution, but perhaps you could get some relief.

Blue arrow is the bone she very gently palpated.


That’s great information, @Leah! I saw a cranio-sacral therapist after my styloidectomies & he really helped w/ some back pain I was having. Quite unexpected since the work he did was so gentle.

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