Tongue deviation after styloidectomy

Hi all,

I recently had an internal styloidectomy. As part of this the stylomandibular ligament and styloglossus muscle were disconnected and I guess this is standard for this operation. Since the operation, i'm getting quite a bit of tongue weakness on that side. My tongue creeps over to that side of my mouth at rest. Has anyone else had this happen?



Hi Mark,

I have had weakness which seems to be healing 2 surgeries march and April 2014. I also have had a lifelong very bad overbite with teeth grinding and jaw clenching but after surgeries by jaw is trying to align properly and my teeth will not close evenly my jaw has also shifted slightly to the right. I hope this helps my surgeries were also internal.


Aussie 77/Mark,

I had this happen, I am now post-op four and 1/2 months, external approach left side only, awaiting right, it will alleviate itself in time unless permanent damage has been done to the surrounding muscles. I had to be placed on feeding tube I could not swallow and food and water would come out my nose. That stopped at around 2nd month. If I try to stick tongue straight out it still has slight deviation to side, but then I have Sjogren's & FMD as well (Fibromuscular dysplasia) I had issue with tongue PRIOR to surgery, see pics before& after surgery)


first pic is pre-op tip of tongue slightly red and atrophied at this point I had no clue I even Had FMD

second is post op, tongue looking a bit better, rested as I could eat nothing by mouth for some time

third shows the nicely made incision, my surgery was with Dr David Cognetti at Jefferson Philly, he'll do my right in a few months time wants to give left side more recoup time. In fact I am in Philly right now seeing oral surgeon on gum/jaw matter. I wear full denture and with FMD getting a bit like you describe above, I've worn dentures for over 19 yrs on top 17 on lowers)

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