Two month surgery update

@elijah its mostly just been body work (massage) of my upper back, neck and shoulders. The stretch I mentioned was recommended by the PT as well as using some resistance bands to build strength in my shoulders and force them back instead of slumping forward. Posture is huge from what I’m learning!


That’s so great to hear! Yes PT has been a big help to me as well. I’ve been 3 rounds now, and even though there were underlying problems so it didn’t totally help, a lot of the stretches he’s showed me have helped my shoulders and neck. They’re still painful, but I think doing the exercises every day brings it down just a little.


I am having problems with my neck shifting and popping post surgery, so I was sent to the physical therapist. I have attached the exercises they have me do. this is just the initial consult bc my insurance reset and I can’t afford to go back.
they say my weak shoulders are putting more pressure on my neck, but this is genuinely helping keep my neck on alignment


Those look like good passive exercises to help w/ muscle strength & mobility, @tp12! I’m glad you found a good PT, but I’m sorry you can’t continue w/ your treatments there. It’s great they’re helping you. When our muscles are strong & functioning properly, they are very supportive. You’re getting the benefit of that now as your shoulders begin doing the work they should. Thank you so much for sharing these. :hugs:

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at the PT, my c4 was “in alignment, but turned” whatever that means, so these exercises are supposed to strengthen muscles and keep them all turned the right way. I had a real problem with feeling my neck shift, especially at night when I put my head on the pillow. that, of course, was getting them on and off nerves causing pain. the cervical exercises every morning have been resetting me great!

eta: at one point, I could literally sit there and touch my neck and feel it shift. the chiropractor got it right for me and I had no issues for about 6 weeks and my spinal appt was within those six weeks. the np I saw was fresh out of school and told me I was making it up, but sent me to PT anyway. it was back out of being right by PT and it felt SO good to have the PT hear me, then confirm she felt the issue and then give me a treatment plan!


BOOO to the “know-it-all” NP & HOORAY for the PT who had good listening & assessment skills! I’m really glad that the NPs recommendation brought you into a better physical situation in spite of the NPs negativity.

to anyone who reads this thread in the future, these exercises are doing great at stabilizing the c4-c5 area for me, almost never hurts me now.

a bit after I posted the PT post, I shifted again in the c1-c2 area which is what causes so much pain/neurological symptoms for me. there was a lot of negative for me with the chiropractor, but he sure did stabilize the neurological symptoms for me for about 8 weeks and that’s the longest amount of time since February 2021 I’ve had stability there.
I add in some neck stretches I found on YouTube and ice packs when I start to get the neurological pain and I have noticed that the duration of my pain and symptoms has decreased.
it can get very overwhelming to accept that this is my neck now, but I’m so glad that I am building some strength in my neck and shoulders and at least faring better pain and symptom wise than I did for a long time.


Sounds like you’re doing all you can…glad that you are seeing some improvements for the effort :hugs:

So great to read your update & know that you’ve got a regimen that’s helping you. Thank you again for sharing the exercises. It’s really great to know they’re making a difference for you & hopefully can help others who are struggling w/ C-spine instability. I hope as you get stronger & stronger, your neurological symptoms gradually disappear completely. @vdm has had some really good results from the work he’s done to help his neck, shoulders & upper back. Persistence pays off even if it takes time & effort.

I have some physical issues I’m working on, not related to ES, where I’m struggling to make myself be consistent w/ the rehab exercises. It makes a huge difference when I do them as prescribed and backsliding in that arena means the return of pain. You’d think that knowledge alone would be the only motivation necessary to make me persevere! :yum:

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@vdm has good results with physio, but he’s not symptom free and is thinking that he has some sort of spine instability problem in general, and the long styloid processes are just the :cherries: on top. Or, maybe that’s what it is like to transform the stiff spine in your late thirties …
He is having a massive setback today after doing a bit too much yesterday…
It is very strange when you can’t trust your own body…

Sending you a hug, I hope that it settles soon again :hugs:

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Once again, I’m in your camp, @vdm. Our bodies are often only reliable to a point, but it’s easy to tip beyond that & have to pay a hefty price. :weary:

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