Venting frustration

Hello, just have to share about my latest doctor visit. My PCP retired in May so I had to find a new doctor. I found one at the same clinic and saw her on the 28th. This was after she she cancelled my initial appt. on the first of the month. She had an entire month to educate herself about ES but chose to look at my chart instead. There was nothing in my chart about ES ecept for the symptoms I’ve been dealing with for years so once again I was doing my best to explain what it is, along with my symptoms. Somewhere along the discussion, she decided I need to see a psycho-therapist because I have anxiety attacks. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure the anxiety is stemming from ES? I was fairly insulted but have now just chalked it up to yet another misinformed doctor and will continue my search for a new one. It’s getting difficult to find caring,qualified doctors in my area so pray for me please, I really need it. PS; I see a head and neck surgeon in three weeks to see if he can/will do the surgery, crossing fingers on this! Thank you for reading, out to the patio I go for a bit of much needed mind/body relaxation. :wink:

I’ve had the anxiety diagnosis so many times I think the thought of another round makes me anxious every time I see a new doctor. In reading your profile, it looks like you have an ENT supporting your Eagles dx, which I get the impression is a point in care many of us walk a long path to receive. Best of luck with the upcoming appt. with your ENT surgeon. I’d say focus on your questions for that session and try not to take the other diagnosis of anxiety too personally.

Yes chalk it up to an uninformed close minded doctor. Find a new PCP which is hard to do. My PCP tried to pass of my symptoms as all TMJ and reluctant to order a CT scan. I challenge him every step of the way and we have received somewhat of an understanding. He doesnt argue with me anymore when I request tests. he just capitulates. :face_with_monocle:Thankfully with all the support and education here, I had the support to just blow him off. We all know when something is wrong and when doctors repeatedly don’t listen. It is not uncommon for elongated styloids and/or ligament calcifications to irritate the vagus nerve which is a control center for alot of bodily functions including the sympathetic nervous system. Heart palpitations can occur when the vagus nerve involved also which can present as anxiety when it is your bodies nervous system is just in overdrive. Being in chronic pain cause also raise the heart rate.

I am not taking an anxiety diagnosis personal. In fact I was never diagnosed with anxiety but I do have it on occassion recently and feel it is a result of ES, as it has only recently began. I’m bothered by the fact that my new doctor has no clue about ES and all of the symptoms a person can experience. I was merely venting and not seeking any advice but thank you for your response, much appreciated.