What are the inherent consequences of having the calcified ligament removed?

Hello all! This is my first post. I am newly diagnosed with ES. I have not been able to find an answer to my question about the ligament resection. Specifically, I am confused about the consequences of removing the calcified ligament. Is the ligament rebuilt somehow? Do you loose any mobility because of the surgery? Thank you for any help!

Hi Duckie!
Welcome to our forum! The stylohyoid ligament plays a minor role in swallowing & isn’t missed when it’s gone.


It’s best that calcified sections of ligament are removed as they can continue to rub against or compress nerves and blood vessels. If the ligaments aren’t calcified they are usually left in, detached at the styloid end during the styloidectomy of course, and don’t seem to cause any noticeable change!


Ok, thank you for the answer. Do you know if the surgery usually requires blood transfusions? I saw one post op update showing drainage lines but another post referred to transfusions. Is it a really bloody procedure?

Those are JP drains. Bleeding is minimal, 25-50 ml unless something unexpected happens (I remember one member talking about his case when an IJV ruptured during the surgery, and the surgeon needed to create an emergency patch).


@Duckie, if you’re feeling brave you can watch both intraoral & external ES surgeries on YouTube.
I was amazed at how “bloodless” the surgeries are. One of the surgical meds used is epinephrine which is a vasoconstrictor thus it helps keep bleeding to a minimum.