What do I do with my CT scan?

I got a neck CT scan of soft tissue with contrast. Will this show the ligament? It was 4 years ago. My only symptom was a popping sensation when I swallowed (hyoid bone I think). There was no mention at the time of Eagle so I doubt it was looked for. Now I have the CT scan but I have no idea how to read it or get it in the right angle.

I am in Cleveland, I saw once a list of docs familiar with Eagle but I can’t find it now.

Hi leighangela ~
I love your screen name! Your current CT should have a written report from a radiologist that goes with it. If you didn’t receive that, call the radiology clinic that did your scan & ask for a copy. That report should give you the info you want. If ES wasn’t specifically looked for, you can request that the radiologist re-read your scans to look for elongated styloids & calcified stylohyoid ligaments & reissue an updated report. Additionally, you should be able to take your most recent scan in to the doctor who ordered it & have him/her read it for you or at least discuss the radiologist’s report.

As far as calling up the most recent ES doctor list, click on the magnifying glass in the purple/magenta bar above & type in - 2017. The doctor list should pop-up as a link that you can click on. I believe you’re in an area that has several ES surgeons on the list.

It looks like the doctors’ list link isn’t working. I’ll try to send you a copy of the list from my desktop.`

Dr. Joseph Scharf - Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
Dr. Brian Burke/Dr. Lorenz - Cleveland Clinic
Dr. Eugene Choi/Dr. Arick Forrest - Ohio State Med Ctr, Columbus
Dr. Richard Nelson, Toledo ENT, Maumee, OH

Yes the CT scan was “normal” but as I said, they weren’t looking for Eagles. Maybe I will see if they can look again, thank you.

And since I’ve been feeling this for 4 years I know I’m not normal :slight_smile:

What you are is body aware not abnormal! Do check the Newbie’s Guide & get more information about ES. Print & take to your doctor appts. any articles you find that validate your symptoms as possibly being ES. Given proper evidence, a doctor should not deny you the test(s) you need to know conclusively whether or not you have a particular ailment. Sometimes, though, you have to be “armed for battle”. Perhaps it would be good for you to try to get an appointment w/ one of the doctors I listed if traveling to the office isn’t an obstacle for you. That way you could be more confident of a proper diagnosis.