Why did I think it would stay away

Though my right ear has not been as PAINFUL as the left…God in heaven knows that I was praying that the bone wouldnt grow or curve anymore. 2 years as go it was at a decent size. I had only lost my smell (occasionally). Now the ear ache, nausea, dizziness ETC. has returned.
While I dont want it to get as bad as the left. The initial diagnosis and its process were too rough to want to relive.
I’m afraid to go back to the ENT.


I’m sorry to hear this. Did you have surgery on both sides? Was your stylohyoid ligament(s) removed? Did a doctor from our list do your surgery?

More often than not, surgery does help ES symptoms to go away & stay away but there are few cases where the styloid has regrown. Most of those occur in members whose styloids were not cut all the way back to the skull base though we do have a few people who had regrowth even w/ full styloid removal.

We have a member who had ES surgery done by Dr. Kyle Mannion at Vanderbilt (Nashville) in the somewhat recent past & was happy w/ the results. Though he’s not on our list yet, he is closer to you than some other out of state doctors. I don’t know the surgery details though. If you can travel, it might be worthwhile contacting his office - 615-322-6180.

Going through a horrific experience twice would definitely not be a good idea. I hope you can find a better medical situation for your treatment this time around.