XIONG; WANG (2023) - Intracranial hypertension due to bilateral internal jugular venous occlusion


Eagle syndrome is a clinical condition that characterized by myriad of symptoms associated with the compression of neurovascular structures by an elongated styloid process. Herein we describe a rare case of Eagle syndrome who showed bilateral internal jugular venous occlusion duo the compression of the styloid process. A young man presented with headaches for six months. Lumbar puncture showed an opening pressure of 260 mmH2O and the cerebrospinal fluid analysis was normal. Catheter angiography revealed occlusion of bilateral jugular venous. Computed tomography venography demonstrated compression of bilateral jugular venous by bilateral elongated styloid processes. The patient was diagnosed with Eagle syndrome and suggested to undergo styloidectomy, after which he recovered completely. We emphasize that Eagle syndrome is a rare cause of intracranial hypertension and styloid resection can bring an excellent clinical outcome in patents with intracranial hypertension due to Eagle syndrome.


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