1 day post-op with Hepworth

So glad you could… and sorry for those who can’t. My husband (Swedish) thinks the American health care system is terrible and can’t wait for one day when we live in Sweden to have that system. Me, I am so aware of how very very lucky I am to live in the US when it comes to having rare diseases, issues, and being able to get access to the latest drugs that for financial reasons take so much longer for people in Europe, Canada etc to get without paying exorbitant (not covered) prices. I sure hope that my many complex issues are resolved before any move from here happens…


Ahhh… and is it also normal that it pauses loading if you are not literally on that screen - so if say you open another website to look at something or pop in here or work on a document… it just pauses until you are back on that page? I did manage to load one of my studies (but then saw the pages with my intake info… and it only loaded when I was on that page…

I started my bigger file before I went to bed & it loaded while I slept. My son set my computer so it wouldn’t go to sleep during the process (I’m tech inept) as I was afraid it would quit loading if the computer went to sleep. That was the best solution for me.

Also I agree w/ you about US medicine. People in countries w/ socialized medicine don’t have to pay as much for medical care, but the wait times are seemingly longer & some types of care & medications aren’t as available. I would be very sad if our country went to socialized medicine. Our Canadian members have suffered terribly due to lack of ES knowledge & help in that country. We’ve had a number of members come to the US for surgery where they had to pay out of pocket, & for some, that’s caused financial hardship, but they couldn’t live w/ their symptoms any longer.

That’s an excellent idea Thank you so much!!! I’m also not very tech savvy but my hubs should be able to halp (and yes, it does stop loading when the laptop goes to sleep… so I had been sitting there just moving the mouse from time to time for hours…)

Next time will get it right and make it easier :slight_smile:

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I actually stopped mine the first time I tried to load it because I didn’t understand how long it would take to load so I thought it was just looping constantly & not making progress because the progress bar wasn’t moving. :rofl:

@smallgirlbigmoutains i just wanted to reach out and send some more positive healing energy your way
I pray for your recovery and that your symptoms and getting are resolved


If I am not for myself, who will be for me, right? So glad to hear you pursued your medical needs ferociously until you were listened to! I have had many medical providers over the years tell me that “denying an eating disorder makes me look like I am more guilty of having one”…the things they say. My therapist told me that “people who are innocent fight like hell. People who are sick fight even harder.” I like to think its that Jewish resiliency that helps us push through, too!


I am all too familiar with these fears. What helps me, being on the other side of surgery (though still recovering) is knowing just how wrapped my nerves and veins were around that thing. Knowing that puts it all in perspective - that regardless of the outcome it was, in fact, necessary! The scar is beginning to heal well and though still very swollen, not as noticeable as I feared it would be. Obviously not the top of the list of concerns, but something that was an adjustment nonetheless. The way I look at it, any reduction of symptoms validates this as a success. Of course, there are still unknowns and questions yet to be answered, but I know we all have been through hell and making the final decision (for me it was officially scheduling the surgery) is not an easy or fearless decision. I hope you find comfort in whatever decision is right for you.


Thank you SO much! I can’t tell you how appreciated it is