8 days post-op update

8 day post-op update from right side styloidectomy with jugular compression:

Today I had my follow up appointment with Dr. Hepworth’s PA. She was great as always. Answered my questions and took my stitches out (which took about 1 minute). I am feeling pretty good except if I do too much. Yesterday, I ventured to the store to get a few things and it crushed me. I had a migraine and felt absolutely awful by the time I got home. I have multiple autoimmune diseases, pots, mcas, EDS so my recovery is going to take longer than others and I expect my energy level to be quite limited while I recover.

My incision is fine with no pain. Bruising is significantly less. Main issue I have is my jaw muscles spasm on both sides and my jaw gets really tired quickly with talking/eating. Once those nerves calm down and get settled, it should get better. I had this issue on and off before surgery too (because the nerves were all compressed) but it’s more often now that the nerves have been irritated and moved around from surgery. Muscle relaxers help along with topical THC/CBD salve.

It’s weird for my neck to not feel like a giant knot all the time. Amazing what normal blood flow from your head can do :blush:


So glad that things are improving for you! Thank you for your update, it’s a big help to others considering surgery :grin:
Praying that you continue to heal, & see more symptoms go. God bless :pray:

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Thank you for your update. It sounds like you’re doing well which is great news! Keep being patient w/ your body. It will recover, & you’ll be able to get back to things you enjoyed pre-ES before you know it.

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So glad you are feeling fairly well and recovering. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m likely looking at surgery with Dr. H after an angiogram so it is very helpful to read about the recovery and what to expect. Hopefully it is only up from here for you!!


Glad you are recovering given all the other issues. I think Im out about 4 months now. I have EDS and TMJ and my jaw has been an ongoing issue. I was warned the TMJ would kick up after surgery. I dont think the EDS and neck instability helps and my SCM and temporalis muscles locked up like a drum tight. I had a small amount of first bite but that went away after a couple months. It has been a struggle to get these nerves calmed down. As you know with EDS, we have a tendency to develop scar tissue at incision site. After 4 weeks, I started massaging scar area and have been having ongoing massage and acupuncture w/tens to try and break up scar tissue and muscle tightness. Ive also been trying some botox and steriod shots in the jaw and temples. Those arent exactly fun so Ill hold off on more of that. Glad the knot is gone! Happy healing. Give yourself time. I still get a bit frustrated myself.