Final Styloidectomy/IJV Decompression

Posted for @Violin:

On September 27 Dr Hepworth did my left-side styloidectomy and jugular decompression. I was disappointed that he did not fix my voice, which still is overly treble and weak due to being damaged during the right-side surgery which included thyroidectomy (for Hashimoto’s) on May 24. The right vagus nerve was tangled around the styloid.

The good news is that otherwise, all is healing well. I had jugular ultrasound, per Dr Hepworth’s special protocol, on November 7. It showed very good flow on the right and good on the left (which is still healing).

On the advice of fellow patients I consulted Veros ImmunoE immunologist Dr Isaac Melamed, practice colleague of Dr. H. Dr. M’s assistant discussed my history and did several rounds of blood tests. Dr. Melamed said I have clearcut Common Variable Immune Deficiency. The treatment is intravenous gamma globulin every three weeks. He says my life will change. Since I’ve been ill due to treatment for Lyme disease since 2005, this is good news. It was 8 years ago that I learned of the bony-compressed jugulars, so yes, it’s good news.

It’s my second day home, today, the day after Thanksgiving. Due to changes in my family I went directly to my studio in town, not home. I’m without my car, so I walked a mile to the pharmacy to pick up my thyroid prescription, and a mile back. So my energy is improved. I am regaining health.

Thank you everyone.

PS: My styloids were not long, it was their angle that compressed my jugulars 90 percent.


So pleased that you’re recovering well, and that the jugular veins have good flow…I hope that you keep seeing improvements, that your voice recovers, & that the gamma globulin helps your other symptoms. Hugs and prayers :hugs: :pray:

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