21 days till my right styloid surgery in pittsburgh!

Yes, I've done it and got all my loose ends tied up as well as the courage to do the deed on July 25th in Pittsburgh (UPMC) with Dr. Carl Synderman (Throat Specialists, Neurologists). My right styloid will be cut via intraoral surgery. I will keep an update post on how it went and my recovery. I am a person who will tell it like it is and not sugar coat anything. I would like to thank all the wonderful members on this support site that have given me all the experienced advice, suggestions, encouragement and powerful information to steer me to do the surgery. A special hug and best wishes to those special friend members who are there for me (you know who you are). I wish everyone suffering with this condition a heartfelt wish for relief from their pains. God bless you all and may he guide you to healing!

With Kind Regards,