2nd surgery 14 October

Hello all!!
I started a new thread for the second surgery. I had my first surgery on 22 August here in PHOENIX.
A quick update: We did the left side 1st which was 4.2 cm because I felt like I was getting more symptoms from the left side. Immediately I have lost the Vertigo and the horrible occipital pain. Those are big pluses!!
I do have quite a bit of neck tension and left shoulder blade pain along with strange nerve or muscular aches even in my stomach when I sit up. Hopefully this is just the vagus nerve settling down but I have not enjoyed this. The other thing that is challenging is my right side is 4.6 cm and so it becomes confusing as to if this could be crossover pain or healing pain from the surgery. I almost chickened out and postponed the surgery for next Monday because of all of these strange things.
I took a flexril last night which helped me sleep and I am trying to be realistic as this Thursday is only week 7 in the recovery process. Last week I was really wiped out and I am working on being kinder to myself.
I am really thankful to all of you as this has been a cherished support system.
Last night I semi- jokingly diagnosed myself with Lou Gherigs disease, MS, finger cancer and many other auto immune disorders. Thankfully at 1AM the flexril shut me down and I stopped googling. I think I will give up google for Lent this year for anything medically oriented…
It is difficult to do because the way I discovered eagle syndrome was through research on the internet after so many failed appointments with a dozen doctors.
I do feel improvements but it can also come and go. I pray for patience to let my body heal.
Last week my mouth finally healed from the breathing tube that cut into my bone under the tongue. I used this to tell myself hey Susan that took 5 weeks to heal and that was new. Let your body heal which it will take longer as those bones have been jamming into me for who knows how long.
I am praying the second surgery goes smoothly and God rescues me from the pain of this syndrome completely.

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It is still early days for your recovery…so you are still healing, keep remembering that. I know what you mean about Dr Google! I have reached a point of peace about some funny (non-ES) symptoms I have, & have been able to let go, & in turn not focussing on them means they do seem to have lessened! Easier said than done though, & the original googling has helped me understand them!
Will be praying for you & that your surgery goes well next week, & that you heal quickly from both surgeries! I did find my second surgery easier, hope you do too!

Man I’m so excited for surgery! Did you see dr Milligan? I can live with the vagus nerve issues in stomach but the vertigo and occptical pressure has to go. I’m wishing for that! This is awesome that I see someone in my state getting better after surgery I’m so grateful.


Good attitude, SusieQ. In a week you’ll be done w/ the final surgery & on your way to better health. Though the healing journey can be slow, we do heal. As you noted, patience is key & positive self talk must rule the roost!

I expect great results for you!


Hi Super! Yes I had Dr. Milligan as my surgeon on 22 August. When I awoke the immediate crazy pain was gone! I am still recovering from the first surgery but I am so grateful for the improvements. Please keep us updated on your recovery process as I believe it helps others when weighing the pain you are in vs. The surgery itself. I think as grateful as we have been to have this website if you document your journey it is a way to pay it forward.
It can be a stressful decision that each person has to weigh. Dr. MILLIGAN helped me with understanding there was no rush to do the surgery on his end but that he feels there is not a medication or physical therapy that can cure Eagle Syndrome. Only the surgery. He was very respectful in that deciding the when to have surgery is each person’s decision.
I did have some nerve issues when I awoke a little crooked but it improves each day. I think mine is a weakness in the platysma muscle as some of the muscles have not been working whole others have over compensated which causes tension. I realize since I have been in so much pain my posture has suffered and i now try to.focus on my posture. PT really helps after surgery. The dry needling has helped me and the exercises.