RE: 2nd surgery 14 October


In case, she doesn’t answer, SusieQ did have her first surgery & is having her second surgery done by Dr. Milligan. See what good results you have to look forward to?!?


I’m so excited though, my situation is so complex because of my jaw and teeth. My dentist and wife think my styloid cause my bruxism and misaligned my teeth. You can see from my ct scans the process is hard because I cannoteat hard foods. I saw that Susie had amazing results with one surgery with vertigo and neck stability. That’s one major compensation I desire after surgery, that I can work and fix my teeth from the damages of ES. My game plan starts on October 23 and I’ve had enough setbacks to get me ready.

Thank you

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Ten more days! I’m excited still and a bit nervous now, I have to let you guys know something. I should stay away from Facebook because of peoples situations. I keep comparing myself to them, especially from a girl who passed away from recently in April who had eagles syndrome. I checked for infections, cancer, hiv, I did a lymes test, changed my ways, prayed to god, been bed bound but I still jog and eat healthy. I’m a hypochondriac, but is there vitamins i should take? After surgery like vitamin k2, vitamin d or b12 w/ b6, did you also think you had an infection?? What was your worst fear? Did it affect your teeth? Is it the positional of the styloid that affects everyone different? Did you stop eating certain foods? What was your motivation?