3D CT Scan Results - No Images Yet - Any feedback welcome

The ENT and radiologist notes are below. Initially, it was supposed to be a 3D CT Scan and they were supposed to measure the styloid processes. I made sure to ask more than once and they assured me it was 3D. Then I get the notes back from the ENT whose notes are based off a regular CT without contrast and with no measurements. It was only after I called that they redid the CT to make it 3D and the radiologist added the length of the styloids. Here is a summary below and follow up questions for those who might have some insight.

From what I have seen on this site, many of you didn't even have elongated styloids whereas mine are just slightly elongated and also calcified. How is that a "normal" result? I have every single symptom.....pain in throat, jaw, face, ear, bloodshot eyes, chest pain lately, extreme fatigue, imbalance, dry mouth,... I have been diagnosed with acid reflux, TMJ, arthritis, sleep apnea and have palatal myclonus. Nothing I have done with physical therapy, chiropractors, massage, medications has done much of anything. I had my tonsils out 17 years ago and I have never been the same. Does my story sound similar to many? I feel like it does. When I get the pictures of the scans I will post them, but in the meantime, if anyone has any advice/direction/doctor recommendations, I would really appreciate it. See CT Scan notes below.

Neck CT without contrast.

History: Cervicalgia. Evaluate for Eagle syndrome

Comparison: None.

Technique: Thin section helical CT images were obtained from the skull
base down to the level of the aortic arch. Axial, coronal and
sagittal reformations were performed with 3 mm slice thickness
reconstruction. Images were reviewed in soft tissue,lung and bone

Regarding the styloid processes, they extend down to the level of the
C2 vertebral body. The stylohyoid ligament is calcified but only
slightly prominent. These do not appear to compress the carotid either
artery on either side although they slightly indent the internal
jugular vein..

Evaluation of the mucosal space demonstrates no definite abnormality
in the nasopharynx, oropharynx, hypopharynx, or of the glottis. The
tongue base appears unremarkable. Regarding the major salivary glands,
the only abnormality is a punctate calcification in the region of the
left sublingual gland or lingual duct which could represent silent a
sialolith. Alternatively, this could be a foreign body from a prior
insult or a calcification from a previous infection. The thyroid
appears unremarkable.

Regarding the cervical lymph nodes, there is no definite
lymphadenopathy, and the cervical lymph nodes are within normal limits
by size criteria.

Limited evaluation of the cervical vertebra demonstrates no overt
spinal canal stenosis or cord abnormality. The visualized paranasal
sinuses appear unremarkable. The mastoid air cells appear
unremarkable. The major vasculature in the neck appears unremarkable.
The visualized lung apices appear unremarkable.



1. No definite mass or adenopathy within the neck.
2. The styloid process extends up to the level of the C2 vertebral
body. There is mild to moderate calcification of the styloid process
which indents the internal jugular vein, but does not indent the
internal carotid artery.
3. Calcification of the left tongue base, may represent a sialolith,
versus foreign body or result of previous infection or inflammation.
4. Limitation due to the lack of intravenous contrast.

I have personally reviewed the examination and initial interpretation
and I agree with the findings.

Addendum: After dictating the report, a request was made for 3-D
images, which were added, may both by myself on the 3-D workstation
and by the technologist from the scanner. In addition, I measured the
length of the styloid processes, again both of which are moderately
elongated and calcified, the right being 3.3 CM in length, and the
left being 2.9 CM in length. The other findings are described in
detail within the report provided.

Result Notes

Notes Recorded by, MD on 6/18/2014 at 11:56 AM
Mary, Please contact patient by letter/phone with following results: No abnormality on CT, Mary I can't tell if they did the 3D recon?

What I meant about many not having elongated styloids, but still getting a diagnosis is that it seems as though they don't really need to be elongated....if I am displaying so many of the symptoms and they are calcified, it could still be Eagles, right?

Hard to say, if calcified sounds like it? Mine were about 4.5 cm and now one was only taken down to about 3cm so I doubt my surgeon would do anything with yours, plus mine was visible in throat. There is also the ENT clinic of MN, this doctor also deals with Eagles Syndrome and its possible he might do full removals. They told me he has dealt with Eagles but they called me after I already was set up with U of M. Here is link and the physician that deals with it.


Thanks! I am going to contact him today to see what they have to say.