4th upcoming surgery

So Dr. Milligan personally called... Looks like my ES have aggressively came back on the left side I just had done 1.5 years.. He wants to look at my saliva glands etc.. Errr so frusterating... how does one work when this is always causing you to hurt etc?? Looks like I have more surgeries in my upcoming life...I wish there was a end but i'm not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel...


How did the styloid grow back? Did he not remove the styloids through the neck the first time or intraorally? Or is there something else going on with your saliva glands and not the styloids?

This concerns me a lot. I researched him for several weeks and called and spoke to 3 members of his staff and when you told me he was your doctor and he was awesome I called back and made an appointment with him. I want mine removed externally through the neck back to the skull. I have not heard of anyone having a styloid grow back if it was removed externally. Not saying it can't happen that is why I am concerned.

Thank you for any information you can share.

Sad but true... he did remove it... But i started getting headaches etc... So we did ct's again.. and it showed it began calcifying again! ugh... he said he has a patient in his 80's now that he's been doing all his life... but the saliva is because i sometimes lately get sore pain, lose spit, can't swallow.. glands get inflamed...

Oh and I had it done externally 3x's. First two were when diagnosed and last was my hyoid bone. Now something is triggering the side he just did... it drives me nuts and he said it could be years and years or never again... just depends on the individual. Seriously if you mention me, he'll know because he has helped me out so much! Let me stay in the hospital two night after surgeries, etc... His parents are his number one and he takes time, let's you talk, answers everything, follows up... Seriously I researched 8 Ent's before him and I'm blessed I found him!

Wow Ang,

I am so sorry you have had so many issues. I had no idea they could grow back if you have them completely removed. Sounds like you also had hyoid bone syndrome which is painful. You are to young to have to deal with all this crap. Are you having issues with scar tissue and are you doing any P.T.? Some people develop a lot of scar tissue just because that is how their body is wired. I think massage and P.T. after any surgery helps with the healing process and scar tissue. Have you talked to Dr. Milligan about that? I will pray that God eases your pain.

Please keep me posted on what happens next with your saliva glad issues. Did Dr. Milligan say it is common or are you and his other patient rare cases?

I am think that some of this may be genetic too. My sister had a calcified saliva gland that she had removed about 2 years ago. Her ENT had never seen anything like it before. I am wondering if she has calcified styloids ligaments but does not have the symptoms. I really wish the medical field would do a few case studies and longer than 2-3 years.

Sorry I'm just getting back to you. OMG the last few days have been HELL!! My headaches are back SO SO bad.. my voice is scratchy.. my back/neck hurt BAD, I getr sick to my stomach, my heart pumps fast, my neck is super tender...Oh how I hate life...

The hyoid was calcified but was due to getting hit by a truck 5 years ago. I did Pt before/after surgeries. It was a year before I had new symptoms... but this neck thing you can tell. the styloid is like a bone but has something to do with ligaments that get shaves down.. it's hard to explain.. mine was 3.25 calcifies and 2.5 on the other and the hyoid im not sure..I am calling him this morning to get in otherwise i need to go to the ER... This dizzinees etc sucks... I once had my vertebrata go crazy so i ha to get a eye movement procedure done. I was thinking I should write a ook... I really have been through it all. I ad my 14th surgery on my ankle on the 28th of May. I wish there was a answer to it all..

Wow ang,You have been through a lot! Has he removed them to the skull base and then removed the entire ligament too, all the way to the hyoid? It seems odd to me that something completely removed to the base of the skull would then grow back? I could imagine other tissue calcifying but the original bone completely removed to the skull base, then growing back? Is that really possible? I would verify that he has in fact removed them to the skull base and if not the next time I would request it.