7 days post op- nerve pain!

2nd surgery: sharp bone attached from hyoid bone to skull removed. 9th cranial nerve damaged. Lower left lip paralysis and shooting pains from skull to treat. I am slowly healing from surgery with the support of this sights and lots of guided imagery for pain relief on YouTube, ice and pain mess. I can’t do much around the house that’s doesn’t create nerve pain so I take it easy. The 9th cranial nerve was also damaged on the right side, first ES surgery done 8 months ago. Anyone have long term nerve pain and how are you coping with it? I want a service dog for emotional support. Thanks, for this site.
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Hope that things improve for you, mooncat following the second surgery. What medications have you tried for the nerve pain?

I'm having my second surgery toward the end of this month. I know I will have forgotten how long it took to feel better after my first surgery which was last November. Be patient w/ your body as nerve pain is slow to heal BUT it does heal or at least become less pronounced with time. I still had slight nerve pain 6 months after my first surgery and others have reported on this site that it took a year for their pain to stop completely. I took my pain meds solidly for 2 weeks then began tapering off after that but still needed them occasionally even up to 6 weeks post op. I recall you were in immense pain and couldn't sleep just prior to your surgery. Hopefully whatever you're experiencing now is far less than what you were feeling then. I am so sorry you're having such a struggle.

If I lived closer to you, I'd stop by with my in-law's papillon. I was dogsitting him when I had my first surgery. He slept by my side all day everyday for the first 4 days post op as I was in a drug stupor from the pain meds and not moving around much. It was wonderful therapy to have him there. He is a very sensitive little guy. Do you have any friends with calm dogs who would be willing to drop by and bring them for a visit?

I will pray for you to see positive steps in your healing process this week.

I have heartfelt sympathy and empathy for what you're going through!