9th day post surgery :)

The tide has turned! I feel so much better today. Yes, I still have swelling & pain but they both are so much more bearable / tolerable that I am so encouraged.
I apologize for my previous post. I see Dr. Parnes tomorrow for my follow up post surgery exam and trust me I will go in there with a calm mind as I explain to him all the disappointments I suffered due to the lack of proper communication prior to the surgery.
I never expected the level of pain or swelling because I was expecting it to be similar to my previous surgery ~ but clearly the previous surgery did not touch the process at all and I will discuss that with Dr. Parnes tomorrow as well (he was not my doctor for the first surgery in 2008) since had he gone over my scan with me on the 22nd my concerns & questions would have been addressed prior to the surgery on the 25th.
I am so thankful for a safe place to vent & know that others understand and hope that anything I have shared helps someone else to speak up before surgery to be in the best position of understanding what their doctor is going to do and what they should do regarding medication following.

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Glad that things are feeling better now! No worries about your post before- we understand here, it’s fine to vent, & better that others can read honest accounts about recovery to know what to expect! Although there can still be ups & downs, so you may still get iffy days, it’s frustrating but normal, just to fore-warn you!
Unfortunately doctors seem very unaware of the reality of recovery from this surgery, so hopefully you can give him a better idea! And feed back about better info on post-op care will hopefully be taken on board by his team too. I hope your post surgery appt goes well. :hugs: :bouquet:

That is most excellent news, ESx2! It’s time for you to feel better & start feeling like ES is a thing of the past.

Good plan for your post op appt. today. I hope it went well. It sounds like except for the communication issue, you’re in good hands w/ Dr. Parnes. I saw Dr. Samji, & he gives each patient a printed handout prior to surgery w/ very detailed instructions about post op pain care both for the meds & w/ icing instructions along w/ other info about head elevation & constipation avoidance, etc. He also highly recommends meds be acquired before surgery so they’re ready & waiting immediately after. Dr. Parnes should consider putting together something like that for his patients.