10th day post op exam / discussion with my dr

Dr. Steven Parnes (Albany, NY ~ at Albany Medical Hospital) told me the surgery went very well and that he felt everything was healing nicely.
I told him my experience could have been avoided had he communicated with me prior to surgery how he wanted me to deal with the pain / swelling. And he heard me and apologized. I thanked him and told him I really wanted to help his patients going forward so that hopefully no one else would experience what I did.
I asked him how much longer he thought my recovery would take ~ swelling to be gone and the weird lumpy tissue at the side of my throat and he said about a week or so. Hopefully this will be the case. He told me I don’t need to return to see him unless I have any other problems.
I felt so much better having had an opportunity to express my disappointment in how my post surgery care went down especially because I really feel he heard me.
The other test he did (D.I.S.E. drug induced sleep endoscopy) to see if my tongue was the cause of my obstructive sleep apnea ~ with the hope of a future surgery to correct it so I could be off my apnea machine showed I was not a candidate because my tongue isn’t the cause. Naturally what happens to cause my obstruction is not ‘common’ LOL. If it’s “odd” then it’s “me” LOL.


How nice that Dr. Parnes received your criticism graciously, ESx2. I’m glad you were heard & I hope he is compelled to do better in the future. Perhaps your situation was an isolated case. That would be the best scenario.

Honestly, I think he’s being a bit optimistic about healing time (not unusual) as we normally see it takes a month+ for swelling & more normal throat & neck function, but we’ll hope you’re on the quick end of healing & his prediction is correct.

Glad that he listened to you, & hope that it helps others in future!
Hope you do heal quickly, but I do agree with Isaiah that he was a little optimistic- we do find that the majority of doctors are like that!