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I still can’t find a list of Doe tors and addresses who specialize i. This surgery

You can start here, and then see if you have any questions. That would be the thread to look on.

Sharon from ModSupport

How do I post to the group? I would like to share my experiences and ask others if they have had similar symptoms.

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Hey Sherri,
My name is Merl. I’m a member of the Moderator Support Team and I’ll try and direct you on how to start a new topic and make a new post.

At the top of the page, on the right hand side you’ll see your avatar, in your case an orange ‘S’.
Next to that are 3 black bars. Click on those 3 black bars and a drop down menu will appear.
On the left side of the drop down, at the top you have ‘Admin’ then ‘Latest’, then ‘Unread’ etc
Click on ‘Latest’. This will bring up a chronological list of the latest posts.
If you look on the right hand side, at the bottom you’ll see a blue dot with a ‘+’
When you place your cursor on the dot it says + New Topic
Click on the blue dot.
This will bring up a ‘Create a New Topic’ text box. At the top you can give your post a title.
On the next line on the left is a box labelled ‘Category’. If you click in here a pop up menu appears and you can choose which category best meets your post. The first couple are ‘Welcome’ posts, but if you scroll down you’ll find ‘General’ then ‘Symptoms and Treatments’ then ‘Support’
Below all of that is the large textbox in which to write you post.
Once you’ve navigated your way through that, written the content you would like to post, don’t forget to click on the blue ‘Create Topic’ on the bottom left.
And you’ve now created and posted your first post.

So that’s how it’s done. It came seem a bit long winded (But then that could just be me and the way I’ve written it all out :wink:), but once you get use to it, it’s actually quite easy. That ‘3 bar’ menu (top right) has a few quick access links and ‘Categories’ you can browse through. And if you get lost in the process, just click on the Green Butterfly and you’ll return to the landing page.

I hope that all helps and please if you have questions, then please ask.

Merl from the Modsupport Team