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Hi again, Can any of you tell me if your symptoms are worse on the opposite side that the doctor plans to operate first? My surgery is for Right styloid and jugular decompression yet my left side is way more painful. Anyone else?

That’s weird bc I was diagnosed on my left side but no diagnosis on the rt. Concerned about not getting both of them cared for

Hi @Sunshinegal,

I somehow missed your question when you posted it. I assume you’ve had your first surgery by now. I was totally in your boat before my first surgery. My left styloid was “killing” me, but my right side symptoms seemed somewhat insignificant. My right styloid was shorter, but it was thicker & growing more straight down do my surgeon said it had to go first. I begged him to do the left first up until I was put under for the surgery. In the end, it did turn out I had some pretty nasty symptoms being caused by the right side. Would have never known it until the left was gone though.

I hope you’re healed & getting on with your life although w/ bilateral ES, both styloids often need to be removed for the best results. Please update us as to how you’re doing.


@Kbrowning11 - Keep pushing for a CT scan of your neck from skull base to hyoid bone w/ emphasis on looking at the styloids & stylohyoid ligaments. That will be the best way for you to know if your ES is bilateral.