Now a problem with my left side

Well. My right side is still doing well. But for a couple of months I have been having problems which I did not even consider to be connected to my stylohyoid on my left side. I went for dental work now that I look back, since then my body has gone into a downward spiral.

It was only after I went to my ENT for a follow up and was talking and he pushed against the spot just under my jaw joint. Thought I would come unglued. But the light went on. I asked for an injection and as soon as it took effect, half my symptoms went away. The others dissipated by the next morning. Even a serious scalding rash on my hands went away.

I had been to my family dr. that same day, she was confounded by my symptoms, thought it could be my heart. So, gave tests and I go back Fri. Now I can tell her what happened at the ENT. He wants me to definitely follow up with my surgeon in Seattle.

I don't have the pokey thing in my throat tho, at least not like the right side.

But, it stand to reason, if there is a problem on one side, there probably is one on the other.

Wow. I had pain only on one side for three years and then fir the last year both. Pain is awful. I’m sorry and hope it is an easy fix for you. Still wIting for my surgical consult aug 14 th. Any meds work for your pain. No injections or nerve blocks help me at all :frowning:

not simultaneous either......

I had right side removed in 1990. Was symptom free for 6 years and began having symptoms on left side in 1996. appropriate surgery last September.

I just want to comment on how tolerant anybody who has had to stand dealing with ES bilaterally!

If I had had both sides at once and the same treatment I received I'd be a screaming lunatic in the doctors office-oh wait I was.

The right side was only 1 year the left 17 years. So ES is not treated the same it seems-even by the same doctor. There are no expectations for surgery, at least we are unconscious! But when done well (twice out of 4) I had quick recovery.

Good luck to everybody on the doctor and pain reduction hunt.


And so it goes, huh Shawn. I hope you continue to improve.


Thanks for the good wishes. To you too wherever you are in your stage of ES treatment. I've experienced many or all of the frustrations listed by people here, But with both of my styloids finally at a short length, I now get the opportunity to put that behind me and actually do the most important thing-physically heal from the ES's effects. I feel that all that could be done has been done and that the 25 years of the ES is over.

10 months out from my first internal surgery I think I'm healing well and have much reduced symptoms. Some completely gone. And I've noticed continuous improvement still. My surgeon wants me to see him after the year is up and check my progress.

I wondered what I would do if my pain went away--now I get the opportunity to find out.

Do not let the ES symptoms trick you-they are not minimal. look at all the postings. They are severe and quality of live diminishing and become our obsession to get it righted.

One thing though-my primary doc wants to do x-rays of spine but is holding off due to all the CT's and x-rays and live fluoroscopy I've had-he thinks its been too much. So now the multiple scans per year have been eliminated. Having this concluded has changed many aspects of my health care needs.

The bladder cancer diagnosis and treatment is simple compared to this-diagnosis on a Friday, surgery the next Friday and no tumor return. I had forgotten how quick proper medical attention could be. See what we get used to?

Over is good.


I had my surgery almost a yr ago - in November . Soo much better but still have a few things going on… Numbness under jaw area , ear discomfort but not original pain!!! And neck a little stiff - real stiff when I get under stress , and notice a little lump in my neck and this is different then chicken bone feeling before surgery. It feels more like a soft grape. I go back to surgeon in November but I was thinking of getting a Cat scan before just to see if there is anything more going on or just surgery stuff… Surgeon removed bone and ligament for a total, so my question is any suggestion , should I get cat scan for peace of mind? Would love some input thnx

Neckpain, I am now of the opinion that if you're still having pain a year or so after surgery, you should get a CT scan. I had two revision surgeries in 2013 and have still been in a lot of pain. The doctor said he got out all the styloid except for about 1 mm and I believed him. Well, I had a CT scan recently and found out the doctor didn't get all the styloid out like he thought he did. There's a lot more left.

Wow, amazing I just received my report My dr did NOT remove all and lead us to believe he did !!! Why do they do this to us!! I’m so upset AND AGGREVIATED !! I’m going this week to talk to the radiologist that read the report of my cat scan and show me exactly where he sees the ligament compared to my problems . Yes better then a yr ago but why do we have to go thru this again!, did your dr say why he didn’t get All the first time? And how can only a part be removed anyway ? Doesn’t it have to be attached in 2 places ? So many questions and so aggregating

I think mine was because of scar tissue from previous surgery.