Additional conditions?


While I have not been diagnosed yet, there are other diagnoses that my primary care provider wants to rule out/in as well. I am curious if any of you with confirmed ES have any of these other conditions as well. Specifically:

1. Sjogren's Syndrome

2. Lupus

3. Rheumatoid Arthritis

4. Maxillary and Mandibular Tori (these are bone growths on the roof of the mouth or on jaw bone beneath tongue and teeth. ( I do have these and while benign in nature-- I am curious if the abnormal bone growth could be a clue.)

5. TMJ

6. Raynaud's Phenomenon

7. Degenerative Disc disease

Thanks for any/all input.


There are Ben's Friends sites for Lupus and Sjogrens, if you think you might have these and want to find out more. Those, plus Raynauds and RA are all autoimmune diseases, so can often occur together. There have been discussions on here a while ago about whether there's an autoimmune link- I've never found that to be mentioned as a cause when I've researched though. But in theory autoimmune diseases can cause inflammation, so why not? Or maybe having a bone irritating nerves, blood vessels etc could throw the immune system into chaos and cause an autoimmune response?? Who knows! I have the dry eyes and mouth common with Sjogrens, and some other symptoms, but the blood tests came back negative, although that quite often happens, apparently. There have been others on here who have had dry eyes and mouth too, and the opposite of hypersalivation- I have that listed as a recognised symptom as the styloid process can irritate the cranial nerve which is to do with salivation. Quite a few members have also had problems with salivary glands- I do too, and still have that on the side I've had removed, so not sure if it's to do with the ES or possible Sjogrens. All I know is that for me all the symptoms started at the same time.

We have had a lot of members with TMJD; whether this is a genuine diagnosis in all cases I'm not sure, as sometimes they've been misdiagnosed with TMJD before Eagles.

I have seen age related degeneration of the spine mentioned as a 'cause' for ES- that if the styloid processes are already elongated, and then the degeneration of the discs can cause the vertebrae to shift very slightly, which can then alter the angle of the styloids, causing pain and inflammation. Even a very small shift in the neck can narrow the gap between the styloid and the C1 vertebral processes, pinching nerves or blood vessels.

I've not heard of the bone growths you mentioned, but certainly there have been quite a few members with bone spurs in other areas, and metabolic imbalances are mentioned in research as a cause; again we've had quite a few discussions about calcium levels, vit D and thyroid problems, as they again seem to be quite common.

The past discussions are searchable, so you could look up the discussions in some of these areas- not that we've necessarily got any answers but at least you realise you're not alone!

Hope that your tests don't show up anything else!!