After Surgery Nerve pain worse

Hi all, I am six days post op. Starting yesterday my throat nerve pain and trigeminal nerve pain seem to have worsened. Is this normal for 6 days post op? Are the nerves just trying to heal itself? I’m getting worried. Please let me know. I have my post op in two days but might call my doctor today.

Before, i would get intermittent stabbing pains in the back of my throat and sometimes my jaw. Now my jaw is constantly sore, probably from the surgery itself, but I’m also getting new nerve pain in the roof of my mouth and back of the throat when I swallow. He said things were super tight during surgery… just hoping it’s nothing permanent.

I am 5 months post surgery for bilateral. One side removed. I am just now feeling significant improvement of nerve pain while chewing and yawning. It is still present, but I can at last notice a difference.
Symptoms for my right side are completely different than those I experienced with my left. I am hoping that relief will come once I am “evened out”

Hi shayney, thanks for responding! Was this pain present before surgery? Or only after?

Before surgery. I would get intermittent stabbing pains in the back of my throat and sometimes my jaw. My jaw was locked for 2 weeks and very sore. Terrible earaches and choking sensation. After my surgery, I experienced FBS which is still present but to a lesser degree. Up until 2 weeks ago, yawning was very painful as well as chewing. I am finally feeling noticeable relief from both but still present.

Oh ok. Same here. But it’s much worse now than it was before surgery. I’m hoping it’s from swelling or something I hope it won’t be permanent. Was your pain the same or worse after surgery?

It was definately worse after surgery. I have been so discouraged that the surgery seemed to bring out symptoms I hadn’t experienced beforehand such as the FBS and pain while yawning and chewing.
The surgery definitely released my jaw and relieved the intense ear pressure prior. Just now I am feeling like the surgery’s benefits outweigh the negatives. Just in time to go in for the second surgery…lol. At least now I am confident that the healing happens…just incredibly sloooowly.

Hi juliatch!

I’m sorry you’re dealing w/ worse pain post op, but as shayney said, it’s not uncommon. Days 3-5 or 6 are when the post op swelling is the worst thus symptoms can flare & stay flared for awhile after that peak. I expect that you’ll notice your pain reducing over the next month to 6 weeks. I’m 6 years post op from my first surgery & am still noting nerve pain recovery occurring.

Post op, it’s a 3 steps forward 2 steps back process so don’t get discouraged if you start feeling good then backslide a bit. It just seems to be the path of nerve recovery. The biggest key is to listen to your body & rest when it says to & be careful not to overdo for the first 4-6 weeks post op as that will definitely increase symptoms. Ice may continue to be your friend for awhile.

If your nerve pain is unbearable, there are nerve pain meds available & your doctor can Rx something for you.

Thank you this gives me hope. I’m just so worried it’ll be worse for good but you give me hope! It’s only six days post op but I just didn’t realize my pain could get worse… I’m hanging in there. Keep me posted on your surgery!!

Thank you for this, i definitely needed to hear it! I’m just so discouraged but hope the pain will get better. Before surgery I was getting a few electric zaps in the back of my throat everyday but now it feels like an almost constant nerve pain plus zapping nerve pain when I eat / swallow. I just have to be patient. Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:

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I was warned my TMJ would kick up after surgery and it surely did. Ive been more recently getting all kinds of body work, massage, chiropractic and steroid, nerve blocks and botox injections in jaw. Thru all this, Ive narrowed it down to trigeminal nerve irritation causing the massetter and temporalis muscles to lock up causing a vicious cycle of pain and nerve stuff. Its better now (after about 8-10 weeks) and Im about 4 months out but it still is there. Im trying to be patient and do whatever I can to help the healing process. I’m putting off other side until November as I cant handle two sides hurting at once. I did have these TMJ issues before surgery. Had it to do over again, I might have gotten it under better control first. Hang in there, it will get better…hopefully sooner than later.

thinking of you…as the others have said, it’s very early days! Keep taking it easy, it’s very easy to overdo things & set your healing back. :bouquet: