Any Canadian's here?! Need help finding a good doctor! :)

Just curious if any Canadians here had seen any doctor with experience in eagles with any type of results! I’m in desperate need of a doctor and emotional support! I see there is 3 in Toronto on the list. Anyone want too comment on who’s better? And how about the states? Who’s the best there lol? Just because i know this is going to be a one shot opportunity if I do go to the states and it will cost me lots of money so I need to find the best of the best. Does anyone know how much it costs too see a specialist and the surgury? Thank u!

Kelx, if you go on discussions on the main menu bar, then search doctors in Canada, we had some discussions recently. There's a couple of members in Canada you could message then. I haven't a clue how much the surgery would be though. Good luck!

Ok thanks I’ll do a search!

Hi Kelx,

Sorry for the late reply, I'm just seeing your message now.

I've seen Dr. Witterick in Toronto (on the list provided by this website) and today he has agreed to do surgery via intra oral approach to remove part of the styloid process on my left side. From what I have heard, he is an excellent surgeon and he seems very professional and he seemed like a very nice man. I had to be referred by an ENT that I was already seeing, your family MD can not do the referral, it has to come from another specialist.

I have signed the consent form but will have to wait 6 months to 1 year for this surgery because he has a heavy load of patients, most who suffer from cancer, so obviously they would take priority over an elective surgery.

I hope that you are able to get the help that you need to feel better!

Take care and all the best!!

That's good news about being put on the list for surgery, but sorry you have to wait for so long...