Any info on Eagles Sydrome appreciated!

I was just diagnosed with Eagle Syndrome on Tuesday. I have 2 large lumps on my neck thAt the ENT said was because of the syndrome. They have referred me to UAMS in Little Rock Arkansas to speak with someone there. My ENT said it will require surgery. Does anyone know of any doctors in little rock that have experience with eagle syndrome? Also, any suggestions on which form of surgery would be better external or intraoral? Any help would be appreciated!

You might want to check the doctors list. Experienced surgeons will be your best resource for the type of surgery. There is some info on this site and online as well if you Google it.

Good Luck !


Hi Kristyn!

Have you had any luck finding a doctor near you from the list? There's been lots of discussions in the past about intraoral vs extraoral- often it's down to the surgeon and what method they prefer. Intraoral seems to take longer to heal, more soreness in the throat etc. I had my surgery extra-oral; the doctor I saw said he only did surgery that way because he could go in higher and take more of the styloid out. Although I only needed the styloid process out and not the stylo-hyoid ligaments. It's best to go prepared to any appointments and have questions ready. Good luck!

I checked the doctors list and none of the doctors listed were close to me or in Arkansas at all. I have been referred by my ENT to Doctor Ozlem Tulanay at UAMS in Little Rock Arkansas for a consultation and possible surgery. I'm hoping to find out what is going on as I am only 26 years old and normally this occurs in people older than me.

Let us know how you get on, hope that you don't have to wait too long. We have other members on here young as well, and children too.

Hi kristyn,
Hope your consult goes well. I was recently diagnosed with ES as well and trying to find a doctor locally ( in Southern California)

Valerie, have you looked in the doctors list (on the top menu bar)- I know there's at least one doctor in California. Most people have to travel a way to find doctors! Good luck!