Any progress?

Miss ya guys

Me No im having trouble talking I feel like im playing Pictionary people think its the drugs I used but 13 years in with no hope .I try to talk to people but its mumbles or I call a toilet a tub sink a bath does any one else have a foggy brain ?

This search may help you, Deleone:

Have you been checked for other conditions, just to make sure there is nothing else at work?

You had brain surgery?

Ment he printed up part of the MRI and circled the compression he thought he saw

I thought that maybe by the glosso nerve being compressed it was sparking by the styloid process causing it to grow since no one could tell us why we got this

Do me a favor and edit out the profanity --- Site rules, you know. :) I understand your sentiments, though. Really pretty incredible to have your skull opened for something that wasn't there. If any brain tissue was messed with, then that could be the cause of your brain fog right there.

I wish it was sorry I’ll clean it up

I can’t figure out how to edit it

Ok, right, I'll just delete that one remark then, if you don't mind. :) It's gone now.