Brain Callibration

As I sit here, still icing and recovering after a whopping 8 days out from surgery.......I am still trying to analyze all that has happened:

1) The two oddballs symptoms are still gone..........the "stars" and the "wind tunnel effect". That is good news......I think :o)

2) My ears are quieter, but when they do ramp up, the fogginess and dizziness ramp right up as well.

However, my left ear is noticeable not as loud as if there is not something in there rubbing and irritating on that nerve. (Makes sense to me) However, it does still let me know that things are not quite right in there.

My revelation:

I still need a good 4-6 weeks of time for all swelling to go down.

Also.......and here is my theory:

I think the brain is going to need time to re-callibrate to the "new" signals that it is getting post op. I think that it gets used to certain signals and now that those neurons are firing at different speeds and nerves are not being irritated, etc..........the brain will need to re-figure this stuff out and , eventually, react to the "new you".

Again.......I am in the Transplant World, not ENT. However, I have learned enough along the way that it makes anatomical and neurological sense to me.

For the people that have facial pain, etc........I think they would see more immediate relief, as that bone was poking things it should not have been poking. Their issues were more acute in nature vs neurological. Remove that damn tusk and they feel relief sooner.

I am going to head back to the office tomorrow......even if it is just for 4-5 hours. I want to start getting my brain used to these signals / environment to (Hopefully) expedite my recovery.


Hi Todd,

I agree 100 %.......

This makes soooo much sense to me as I am going through this right now!!

I believe it does take longer for those of us in the neuro group!

On that note you got me thinking......

My dentist mentioned that when the bite /jaw is off it can throw the whole body out of alignment all the way down to your feet. (affecting balance..... just to add to the fun)

When I got my jaw splint he advised me to get new shoes as to start off with a new stable base.

So I would have to believe these "tusks" could/ would also be throwing the alignment off too.... in addition to irritating the nerves.

Now that one is removed........ maybe new shoes would help with the re- calibrating too???

Hope you have a great first day back at work (be careful not to over do it though) and notice even more improvements :)

Take care,