Anybody else have a burning sensation in the face?

Hi all! When this whole weird constellation of symptoms appeared nearly three years ago, one of the weirdest ones was a burning sensation in my face. It’s very sporatic. Comes and goes. But lately it’s been worse than usual. Actually woke me up last night. It feels like a sunburn on my face. It’s my WHOLE face, not just one side. It’s my only bilateral facial symptom. Which is making me wonder if it’s part of the whole Eagles thing, or if it’s something else entirely. Anybody else experience facial burning sensation?

Hi Bopper,

I haven’t heard of this specific symptom as being related to ES but sometimes that sort of problem is caused by hormonal fluctuations. I used to get them as a teenager then later in my 50s. Thankfully, I haven’t had that problem in several years. If it gets to be really uncomfortable, it would be worth seeing your doctor.

Nerve pain typically involves, tingling, burning (usually w/o the skin flushing), numbness, or “lightning bolt” type pain.

Thanks. Yeah, there’s sometimes something that feels like a hot flash that comes with it, but that comes and goes quickly, and this stays for days. There is no flushing that comes with it. Skin looks totally normal. Just feels like it’s on fire!!!

Hmmm…could be your facial nerve or trigeminal or a combination of the two. Between them they cover most of the face. If it gets really bothersome, a nerve pain medication might help calm the symptoms.

I’ve forgotten whether or not you have surgery coming up. Certainly getting your styloid(s) removed would help if it’s a nerve issue. I had such a variety of symptoms (some of them odd) & all of them went away after my styloids were gone. It was almost miraculous!

Still deciding about surgery. I was just at the point where I had decided my symptoms weren’t THAT bad. Then I saw Dr. Hepworth again, and he made a pretty good case for getting it done. Plus symptoms have been getting worse. He ordered an MRV for next week. I think I’m getting closer. I’m realizing that it’s taking a lot of energy and “brain space” just to deal with the symptoms every day. The face burning is part of it. It started at the same time as everything else, so I’m thinking surgery MIGHT help. I just have some insurance issues to work through.

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Glad your making it through your evaluation and considerations as to whether do the surgery. Everyone gets there (or not) in their own time. I think sometimes we live with these symptoms so long, unless they get severe, we ignore them and minimize their impact on our daily lives.Good luck on working out all the insurance issues. That can be a gauntlet.