Blootshot/ Burning Eyes

Lately I have noticed my eyes are constantly burning (even when I wake up) and they are bloodshot as well. Is this a common symptom those on his site have experienced? I just do not understand how elongated styloids cause eye symptoms--can anyone explain this? Also, is this always necessarily a sign that the Eagles is vascular or can it also be a symptom of classic (the ENT I saw was not familiar with vascular so I do not yet know if I have vascular involvement).

Thank you for your input.

Hi BeachGirl,

My eyes are bloodshot all the time because I wear contacts which don't bother me per se, but I think my eyes aren't entirely happy w/ them. The only eye symptom I've had is on the left side (had my right side shortened last Nov), my eye periodically feels like something is trying to push it out from behind - lots of pressure but no pain. This along w/ intermittent partial hearing loss followed by vertigo are pretty annoying. I have my next surgery on Monday. Can hardly wait! I'm so curious to see if my many varied symptoms will all subside when the left styloid is gone.

Perhaps someone else on this site has more specifically had your experience.