Anyone else see neck pulsing?

Hi. Anyone physically see their neck pulsing? Know what causes it? I had surgery and its still happening. Please let me know. Thanks!

I used to feel my pulse in my neck alot before surgery, I still do a bit, but not in the irritating way it was before. I’m not sure that it was visible though.

Hi Jules. So im thinking now my right styloid process is causing my issues. 1.6cm is pretty long. Everyone else seems to have theirs cut back shorter. My left is shorter. The eye pressure below the eye n side of nose i read you wrote in one article this is carotid compression. Im having a lot of trouble breathing n heart issues which is why i went to ER. i guess i spoke with some ppl on this site who had their styloids left around 2cm and they needed a revision. Im just devistated bc i already had a revision. I begged hackman to see if he could bring the styloid back furtther n he just said he didnt think it was the issue so he wasnt touching it. This has been a nightmare. Im struggling through each day. This surgery was supposed to help me n it didnt. I want so badly to get better for my little girl. :disappointed:

1.6 cms is well below the average, that’s 2.5cms, so it would be unlikely to be that…you did see an improvement in symptoms for a while after the surgery to shorten that; I would think that if it was due to this styloid then you would’ve been unlikely to have seen any improvement. Unless it’s really, really angled. Eye pressure & pain can be pressure on the carotid artery, but it can be due to other things. I would think that DR Cognetti would’ve seen when he shortened the styloid back if it was compressing the artery right up to the skull base. If you have pain or pressure feelings on the side of your nose that could be a nerve; the Trigeminal nerve has a branch which goes to that area, & to the eyes, so it could be that which had been irritated. I do think it’s still very early after surgery, too soon for you to be worrying about whether the surgery hasn’t worked & to be wanting this little bit of styloid left to be removed. It can take a year for nerves to heal, you need to be patient & let your body heal. You’re getting so stressed that your body is in a permanent state of stress & inflammation, & it can’t heal properly when it’s like that.
I know the heart symptoms are scary, but they did pass after your first surgery, so hopefully this time they will too. Try & let your body do it’s healing, try to keep calm & focus on your little girl. You need to be here for her now; when you feel the panic come on, go & give her a hug remind yourself you need to be strong for her, & you can get through this…hugs & prayers :pray:t2: :hugs: