Anyone who had surgery please reply!

hello everybody I have a question and was wondering if anyone can respond ! ok my question is,when the styloid process is removed what happens to the ligaments and muscles attached to it !!

I've been wondering that too- how do the things attached to other end work- tongue muscles etc?!! Jules

If you can bear to watch surgery on youtube this is a good one I think though of course I have no specialist knowledge.
Following surgery the surgeon just stitched the wound as far as I could see.

I had an operation 2 months ago by the external side of the neck (both sides). The surgeon explained that the calcification of ES grows within the ligament. To remove it, some muscles are only apart laterally (avoid cutting them) and the bone is dissected, fractured and withdrawn. But the ligament is not removed and even receives any suture to recover over time. In my case, I didn't feel changes in muscles and their movements. But the area about the cuts is still numb.

I think you’ll find that most of the time the attachments are cut. In theory the periosteum can be slit and separated from the styloid process but I don’t think that this is often done from what I have read. In my case the stylohoid ligament was cut as was the styloglossus muscle and the stylomandibular ligament. There are another 2 muscles which attach closer to the base of the process. Generally journal articles describe the process as “the styloid process is stripped of it’s attachments and (a part of it) excised”. I have had TMJ problems after the surgery which I never had before. This may be due to the stylomandibular ligament being detached or may be due to over extending the joint during surgery. Also I have some tongue weakness on the same side as the surgery but I had some weakness prior to having the surgery. No one (including a neurologist) has been able to explain it to me.