Back Pain - how many of you have back pain and did your surgery help it at all?

It seems like many ES patients here also suffer with back pain. Some upper, middle, lower, etc. Even though my ENT didn’t think the back of my neck pain and upper back/cervical pain is related to ES, I am convinced some of it HAS to be. I’m wondering if there is any relation and if any members that have had surgery, got any back pain relief after surgery. TIA!

My upper back and shoulder muscles were constantly tight and knotty. Having had the elongated styloid processes removed has certainly helped.

Thank you Cyrba for your reply. I’m SO glad to hear that. I have gotten to a point where I hate sleeping. When I wake up there’s something every day it seems. Today is intense shoulder, neck, & head pain. I wish I could strap myself to sleep in one position. It feels like I hurt myself when I sleep because I am trying not to turn my head while sleeping and end up with hurting my back somehow. I have surgery on November 3rd and can’t take Advil and am very down today with symptoms. Counting the seconds until relief :frowning:

Best of luck with your surgery - we are so lucky when there is someone who does accept that Eagle's exists, and will actually attempt the surgery. Will yours be intra - or extra-oral?

Thank you. It will be intra - oral since its so high and can be felt on the side of my throat.

Thank you so much dkel9307. I will definitely update you guys after surgery!

My upper back and neck pain is gone since the styloidectomy. I did do physical therapy afterwards and had a monthly massage. Now I feel very normal! It hasn't even been a full year yet.

Yes. The second surgery two weeks ago has brought me to a place where I do not have the intense body pain like before. My neck and head pain are gone. I believe it was caused by the rigidity of the stylohyoid and my body's response. Plus INFLAMMATION. I will monitor it all to see if I remain feeling as relieved. But it was like having a bad tooth removed. One which had become abscessed.